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Buy GU Energy Hydration Drink Tabs – Single Tube – Review

GU Energy Hydration Drink Tabs - Single Tube price

Review for GU Energy Hydration Drink Tabs – Single Tube

Each Tube contains 12 Tabs.Created primarily for hydration, GU Hydration Drink Tabs offer the athlete a low-calorie drink option.Sodium, the primary electrolyte lost in sweat, helps maintain water balance. Use GU Hydration Drink Tabs before, during, and after exercise to hydrate and replenish electrolyte levels.This product is made with all vegan ingredients.PROPER HYDRATION includes supplementing water with electrolytes DURING activity, but it is not limited ONLY to periods of actual training and racing.OPTIMAL HYDRATION takes place in the days and weeks before an event or after a hard workout. Use GU Hydration Drink Tabs whenever, wherever, and you’ll see a boost in preparation, sustenance, as well as recovery.What is the sweetener in Hydration Drink Tabs? – Stevia, an all-natural plant based sweetener from the botanical world. Xylitol is also used and may promote oral health.Can I consume too much electrolytes? – Well maybe but it would take a lot sodium and potassium to reach dangerous levels.How do I use Hydration Drink Tabs? – Drop. Fizz. Drink. Drop one tablet in a 16oz serving of water, wait for the fizz and enjoy hydration bliss.How many electrolytes are in a serving of Hydration Drink Tabs? – Each serving of GU Hydration Drink Tabs contains 320mg of Sodium and 55mg of Potassium.How Many calories are in a serving? – 10 calories per serving.


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