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Buy Blackburn 2’Fer Front or Rear Light – 2019 – Review

Blackburn 2'Fer Front or Rear Light - 2019 price

Review for Blackburn 2’Fer Front or Rear Light – 2019

One really smart, compact USB light that acts as either a front or rear…. it’s a 2’Fer.With the push of a button, the 2’Fer can switch between a white 60 lumen front light and a red 20 lumen rear light. Holding the button for 2 seconds turns the light on and off, and pushing the button once changes modes between white solid, red solid, white flashing and red flashing. The light also remembers which mode you were last using and turns on in that mode.Meets ANSI FL-1 StandardThis standard was created by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) to provide consistent performance measurements for handheld lights. Although bicycle lights are not required to follow this or any standard, Blackburn believes in offering full transparency in how the output, run time, water resistance and other performance claims are measured. Micro USB charging connection 75%, Orange = 75-25%, Red = <25% 180 degree visibility – Amazing 180 degree bezel allows for excellent side visibility. No tools needed 1 LiPo battery 18 Grams


Buy Zone3 Men’s Lava Arm Sleeves – 2019 – Review

Zone3 Men's Lava Arm Sleeves - 2019 price

Review for Zone3 Men’s Lava Arm Sleeves – 2019

The Zone3 Lava Arm Sleeves have been designed to combine with the Lava trisuit. These are constructed using Zone3 Sensory and Energy fabrics, providing a water-resistant layer that extends to the arms. A perfect addition to the Lava tri wear range.Energy Energy fabric helps to mimic the Aeroforce Soft-Touch fabric and has an extremely smooth and soft feel together with a full water repellent coating. Sensory An extremely smooth and soft fabric that feels fantastic against the skin, it provides extra support and compression with a full water repellent coating. The fabric is highly breathable and sweat wicking, while the 360º stretch ensure total freedom of movement.


Buy Xtenex X300 Series 20″ Laces – 2019 – Review

Xtenex X300 Series 20

Review for Xtenex X300 Series 20″ Laces – 2019

Xtenex (indeXed-TENsioning-nEXus) is a worldwide patented lace technology that produces adjustable tensioning between shoe eyelets. This technology addresses the source of footwear related pain and discomfort: lace migration. Lace migration is the gradual movement of the shoe lace toward the forward bend of a shoe, which causes two main problems: Binding; a tightening and restricting pressure at the top of the shoe. This can lead to foot fatigue, pain, numbness and restriction of natural foot swelling. It loosens the fit around the footwear’s metatarsal area, which causes increased slipping and reduction of forward foot stabilization. This can produce heat friction, which often leads to painful blisters. The unique design of the Xtenex lacing system solves the problem of lace migration. Xtenex laces have an elastic core and a series of knots along the entire length of the lace at consistent length intervals. Stretch the lace and the knots disappar, allowing you to thread the lace through the eyelets. Release the tension and the knots reappear. More knots between eyelets lessens the tension; fewer knots between eyelets increases tension. This technology enhance footwear fit, comfort and performance through its many advantages: The Xtenex Lace expands during natural foot swelling and eliminates foot compression The lace does not slip – the knots maintain the original fit by restricting involuntary lace movement through they eyelets; increasing comfort and keeping the foot stable in the foot bed No plastic pieces are needed Eliminates “dual-compression” impact A lace shoe is made into a slip-on – Never tie your shoe again! Asymmetrical lacing – the shoe upper can be molded to the natural non-symmetric form of the foot by independently adjusting the tension between each set of eyelets. The unique ability to have different tension zones along the entire lacing system results in a custom fit every time. Enhanced lateral stabilization is achieved by increasing the tension along the left or right side of a shoe upper. This aids to stabilize and support the foot within the foot bed while enhancing footwear and foot care technologies such as orthotics, arch supports and insole technologies. 2008 Beijing Olympic Gold and Silver Triathlon medals won wearing Xtenex Laces


Buy Tifosi Optics Swick Sunglasses with Polarized Lens – 2019 – Review

Tifosi Optics Swick Sunglasses with Polarized Lens - 2019 price

Review for Tifosi Optics Swick Sunglasses with Polarized Lens – 2019

Sporting a fit made for those who take full advantage of life, Swick is vying to be your part of your adventure. Call it sweet. Call it sick. It’s Swick.Swick has a light, durable frame and shatterproof, scratch-resistant lenses along with a no-slip fit perfect for active lifestyles.Polarized Lens Technology – Tifosi Optics polarized lenses are designed for the active user. Their lenses feature embedded polarized material and are decentered for greater clarity. Lenses are designed to eliminate glare, enhance color and offer UV protection filtering.Fits Medium, Large and X-Large Faces Glare Guard Grilamid TR-90 Frame Hydrophillic rubber Polycarbonate lenses UV ProtectionWARNING This product can expose you to chemicals including BPA, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer, and nickel, which is known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information to go


Buy Orca Women’s Alpha Fullsleeve Wetsuit – 2017 – Review

Orca Women's Alpha Fullsleeve Wetsuit - 2017 price

Review for Orca Women’s Alpha Fullsleeve Wetsuit – 2017

If you’re a good swimmer looking for the most flexible, unrestricted wetsuit on the market to compliment your technique and get you moving even faster through the water.BUOYANCY – Carefully placed 5mm Exo-cell Buoyancy Dots on the lower back of the suit provide you that extra help with buoyancy just where you need it.FLEXIBILITY – 0.88 Free arms and underarm panel give you the ultimate flexibility to compliment your stroke, while also providing unrivalled forearm water feedback as you feel the water with each stroke.SPEED – Updated buoyancy equilibrium between the chest and the legs as well as full Nano SCS coating on the front gets you gliding through the water faster. SCS coated Yamamoto neoprene is used in special HydroLite panels in the arms and legs of the suit combined with a stretchy lining that absorbs less water to improve buoyancy, making the Alpha even faster to remove in transition.COMFORT – Super thin 2mm SCS coated neoprene collar provides the ultimate in comfort where you need it most. Yamamoto The Yamamoto Corporation is the world’s main supplier of high performance neoprene. It’s seal represents quality, technology and innovation. 40-Cell Yamamoto’s 40 cell neoprene is the penultimate for flexibility, suppleness, fit and comfort. Located in key high stretch areas, these panels contribute to providing wetsuit swimming experience of the highest level. Nano SCS Super Composite Skin (SCS) has become the benchmark for coating the smoothskin neoprene used in triathlon wetsuits, to reduce friction and increase speed through the water. Orca uses Yamamoto Corporation’s latest Nano SCS for an even lower drag co-efficient, ensuring the fastest swim possible. The underwater co-efficient of dynamic friction of the Nano SCS is 0.026 in comparison to 4.0 of regular neoprene. 0.88 Free 0.88 Free is revolutionary material developed by Orca. The five layer construction combined with a patented heat reflective Titanium coating is the secret behind the extraordinarily high insulation effect in such a lightweight material. This results in extreme stretch and flexibility, high buoyancy and insulation as well as low drag in the water. 0.88 Free really is the ultimate weapon for speed in the water. HydroLite HydroLite panels make transition that extra bit faster using superfast SCS which combined with a special lining which absorbs less water to improve buoyancy while also being extremely sleek making the suit fast to remove in transition saving you precious seconds. InfinitySKN It’s what’s on the inside that counts and Orca’s unique InfinitySkn lining plays an integral part in the unbelievable flexibility of our top end wetsuits. Constructed from a high stretch nylon, InfinitySkn is strategically placed where ultimate stretch is required and allows the wetsuit to move dynamically through your swim stroke. Exo-Cell Exo-Cell is a unique sandwich-designed neoprene that provides over 25% more buoyancy than Aerodome. Panels of Exo-Cell are used in strategic panels to optimize swimming position. Backpack Included – Orca equips you to go further faster in our wetsuit, and sends you on your way to conquer the seven seas with a handy backpack to carry it in.


Buy Aqua Sphere Men’s Bangor Jammer – 2017 – Review

Aqua Sphere Men's Bangor Jammer - 2017 price

Review for Aqua Sphere Men’s Bangor Jammer – 2017

While most swim brands are focused on the basic swimwear needs of competitive swimmers, Aqua Sphere has developed a range of products for Active swimmers that provides improved fit and function with a touch of fashion. The range features only the finest quality textiles, ensuring that your swimsuit will be durable and provide the best and most comfortable fit, regardless of your activity. 47cm Leg Aqua Infinity fabric – 47%P.B.T./53% Polyester UVA/UVB protection Quick drying Breathable fabric


Buy Louis Garneau Women’s Tri Elite Course Shorts – 2015 – Review

Louis Garneau Women's Tri Elite Course Shorts - 2015 price

Review for Louis Garneau Women’s Tri Elite Course Shorts – 2015

Speed and comfort might simply define these Louis Garneau Women’s Tri Elite Course Shorts. One-piece technology is achieved through a minimum number of seams for enhanced aerodynamics and minimized risk of irritation. A seamless inner leg reduces bulk and excess material that causes saddle bunching. coldblack Lazer Rev fabric offers reliable protection from UV rays and improves heat management. One-piece technology: Minimum number of seams for enhanced aerodynamics and minimized risks of irritation Elastic waist with elasticized drawstring: Secures fit Lazer finised hem at thigh: Designed to improve aerodynamics Seamless inner leg: Comfortable and reduces bulkiness and excess material that causes saddle bunching Lazer back pocket with flap: Designed for improved aerodynamics Back and bottom reflective accents: Enhances visibility Tri Elite chamois UPF/SPF 50 coldblack« finish Inseam: 9.75″/23cm


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