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Buy Louis Garneau Women’s X-Lite Helmet – 2015 – Review

Louis Garneau Women's X-Lite Helmet - 2015 price

Review for Louis Garneau Women’s X-Lite Helmet – 2015

Louis Garneau introduces the lightest helmet on the market. Through patent pending U-Bar technology, U-shaped ribs that are folded six times create a complex exoskeleton to reinforce the helmet’s structure. A super lightweight helmet stabilizing device is fitted with the webbing system and can be fully adjusted using only one hand. Super MSB technology is a ring-shaped protection at the base of the helmet to reinforce the perimeter for enhanced protection. All of these details make the X-Lite helmet not only seconds saving, not only ultra light, but they make the helmet safe and do not compromise the need for protection.DETAILS: Certifications: CPSC-ASTM-CEN-AS 2063* Vents: 37 Weight: 6.9 oz/195 g In-Mold construction Super MSB technology: Ring-shaped plastic protection at the base of the helmet reinforces the perimeter for enhanced protection U-Bar technology: Highly inspired by the Exo-Nerv technology, the plastic shell is made with U-shaped ribs (plastic is folded 6 times) that act as a complex exoskeleton to reinforce the helmet’s structure Ringlock: Frame ring that ensures the helmet’s integrity in the event of impact Evacuation channels: Moisture evacuation channels provide better airflow and moisture wicking Spiderlock SL: Very light, the stabilizing system works jointly with the straps for a perfect fit. It can be easily tightened on the head using only one hand, thanks to its dented wheel Steplock SL divider: Ultralight cam locking device to quickly adjust strap position Sealed Airdry padding: Washable sealed adjustment padding for enhanced durability, and ergonomic design for optimum comfort Superlight: When grams convert into seconds, there is no place for extra weight. To maximize comfort, adjustment and ventilation, an optimal design is crucialSIZES: S/M: 61/2-7, 201/2-22 in, 52-56 cm M/L: 7-73/8, 22-231/4 in, 56-59 cm*Order 1408353 for Australian certification International Patent PendingWith safety in mind, women – specific helmet properly fit the unique structure of a woman’s body.Designed with technology specific to road cycling.


Buy Castelli Seamless Arm Skins – Review

Castelli Seamless Arm Skins price

Review for Castelli Seamless Arm Skins

These arm skins are light but provide surprising protection for the weight. You’ll find yourself using them more and more often because they’re warm enough, but you don’t really feel them on, and if you do peel them off they take up about half the space in the pocket of normal warmers. Seamless construction eliminates stitching Ultra lightweight UV protection for the bike and run Seamless construction makes these arm skins practically disappear and gives you one less thing to think about on race day


Buy BodyGlide Cycle Chamois Glide 1.5oz. – 2019 – Review

BodyGlide Cycle Chamois Glide 1.5oz. - 2019 price

Review for BodyGlide Cycle Chamois Glide 1.5oz. – 2019

BodyGlide Chamois Glide is a superior choice for cyclists to guard against saddle sores. Based on the original anti-chafe balm, Chamois Glide is nothing like greasy butters, messy jellies, and wet creams that leave many cyclists feeling like they are riding in a wet diaper. It penetrates skin, but also applies easily to shorts and chamois right from the tube. It forms a comfortable barrier against friction, won’t trap heat and perspiration, and it feels “dry”. Apply before you get dressed, to protect against rubbing that causes saddle sores. Hands stay clean. Applies directly from the stick to your skin, shorts or chamois. Effective and long lasting. Stay in the saddle longer – 100 mile rides, and more. No frequent reapplication. Won’t clog pores, allows sweat to escape, and skin to breathe. Recommended Uses: Chafing and irritation from sportswear, undergarments, apparel, footwear, and wherever skin is sensitive to rubbing. Suitable For: Road and race, mountain biking, BMX, cyclo-cross, touring No Animal Testing Hypo allergenicThis product can only be shipped within the United States.


Buy Aqua Sphere Micro Fins – Review

Aqua Sphere Micro Fins price

Review for Aqua Sphere Micro Fins

The Aqua Sphere Microfin not only strengthens and tones but improves your swim technique. The Aqua Sphere Micro Fins are available in blue and silver models child’s size 13 to adult size 12. Aqua Sphere MicroFin Features: Closed foot pocket made of durable TPR material Short blade keeps feet on top of the water Improves technique while strengthening and toning muscle


Buy Pearl Izumi Men’s Fast R3 – Review

Pearl Izumi Men's Fast R3 price

Review for Pearl Izumi Men’s Fast R3

The Fast R3 combines the efficient energy transfer of Pearl Izumi’s I-Beam sole, the security of a ratchet closure, and the adjustability of Velcro straps into a sleek and highly breathable performance shoe. Carbon I-Beam sole Combination closure system with premium power ratchet and 2 forefoot Velcro straps Seamless air mesh upper for maximum breathability Perforated vibration absorbing Ortholite footbed Compatible with most clipless pedal systemCompatibility: Look, Speedplay, Dura-Ace, Time, SPD and SPD-SL


Buy ISM PN 1.1 Saddle – 2019 – Review

ISM PN 1.1 Saddle - 2019 price

Review for ISM PN 1.1 Saddle – 2019

People have been gushing about the ISM Attack since its introduction in 2013. As we know, however, one saddle doesn’t work for everyone. In the case of the Attack, everyone loves the shape, but some folks wanted just a touch more padding.The PN 1.1 answers the call for a softer option in our Performance Narrow line. It has 40-series padding, just like the super plush Prologue saddle. This makes it a great choice for riding in thin triathlon-style shorts, or for anyone who simply wants a softer ride.The front arms of the PN 1.1 feature a contoured downward slope. This can aid in allowing the rider to roll their hips forward for high power output, or for increased comfort with a high amount of saddle-to-handlebar drop.Like all ISM saddles, the PN 1.1 is nose-less and designed to remove pressure from soft tissue, ensuring maximum blood flow, no genital numbness, and a healthier, more enjoyable ride.Category: Performance Narrow Length: 270mm Width: 110mm Padding: 40-Series Foam and Gel Rails: Satin Steel


Buy Louis Garneau Women’s Pro Carbon Tri Suit – 2017 – Review

Louis Garneau Women's Pro Carbon Tri Suit - 2017 price

Review for Louis Garneau Women’s Pro Carbon Tri Suit – 2017

If you’re looking for a fast, comfortable and performance-driven suit, the women’s Pro Carbon is for you. Laser-cut shoulders and an Aero Lazer band at the thigh combine to reduce drag, while the advanced coldblack technology dispels heat build-up caused by UV rays – even on dark colored gear – so you can stay cool while you’re pushing yourself hard in the summer heat. Add to that an amazingly comfortable combination of fabrics and the laser-cut design, this suit offers outstanding value for money. CB Carbon Slick fabric: Quick-drying, breathable and chlorine-resistant. The addition of carbon fiber helps enhance blood circulation and procures antistatic and antibacterial properties. Light Power fabric: Compressive, moisture wicking, opaque Carbon X-Mesh fabric: Made with carbon fibers, its compressive properties help blood circulation to increase resistance to fatigue Tri-Rev fabric: Compression and support. Pro + Lycra fiber: Support and shape recovery 13″ zip with inner flap Laser finished armholes for optimal aerodynamics 2 rear pockets with flap for hydrodynamics Aero single-layer, laser-cut bottom Tri-specific seam placement for optimal comfort on swim, bike and run Mini-stitching: Minimalist stitching provides optimal comfort and reduces the risks of chafing Reflective accents 8″ inseam Tri Air Chamois: treated with antibacterial solution to fight the effects of retained moisture, lightweight, 4-way stretch to fit the different ranges of motion required in triathlon, quick-drying and breathable, provides great support during your bike ride while maintaining comfort during your run and swim


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