Buy Park Tool Double Ended Cone Wrench – 13/14mm – 2019 – Review

Park Tool Double Ended Cone Wrench - 13/14mm - 2019 price

Review for Park Tool Double Ended Cone Wrench – 13/14mm – 2019

The DCW-1 13/14mm double ended cone wrench is designed for the home mechanic or occasional user. They’re made of thin tool steel and are nickel-plated for long use. Available in five popular sizes from 11mm to 18mm. Their small size makes them ideal to carry along for quick repairs.


Buy Spinervals 32.0 – Extreme Threshold Training – Review

Spinervals 32.0 - Extreme Threshold Training price

Review for Spinervals 32.0 – Extreme Threshold Training

Duration: 65 Minutes Intensity: 9.0 Purpose: Boost your Anaerobic Threshold! The key to faster time trialing is improving your ability to sustain higher levels of output (power) over a longer duration. By boosting your anaerobic threshold, you’ll become more efficient and be able to generate more watts for a longer period of time before fatigue sets in, allowing you to ride faster in the ‘race of truth’. In this workout, Spinervals 32.0 – Extreme Threshold Training, Coach Troy guides you through an effective, challenging (and sometimes painful!) series of threshold sets designed to stress your anaerobic energy system and ‘raise the ceiling’ of your AT. Incorporate this workout into your training schedule for faster bike splits!


Buy DeSoto Women’s Carrera Tri Short – Low Rise – Review

DeSoto Women's Carrera Tri Short - Low Rise price

Review for DeSoto Women’s Carrera Tri Short – Low Rise

The DeSoto Women’s Carrera Tri Short – Low Rise has the same style and features as the Carrera Tri Short but with a waistline that is 1.5 inches lower. It is made with Microlock stitching for a strong short with a soft, feminine look and feel. The 2-inch contrast waist has a drawcord to keep the shorts in place. The entire short is made of Carrera Skin, a lightweight, breathable, moisture wicking fabric that keeps its support and form even when wet. The one-piece seamless tri chamois is comfortable and supportive yet thin enough that it wont bother you while swimming or running. This item is not designed for repeated use as a swim suit in a chlorinated pool. Fabric: Carrera Skin Chamois: Carrera Pad Women’s Inseam: Extra Small – 4.75″, Small – 5.25″, Medium – 5.75″, Large – 6.25″ 2″ contrast waistband with drawcord Microlock stitching Sizes: Extra Small, Small, Medium, Large Colors: Black, Black/Green Print, Black/Red, Black/Turquoise Print


Buy REPAIRED: TYR Women’s Hurricane Category 1 Sleeveless Wetsuit – 2017 – Size M – Review

REPAIRED: TYR Women's Hurricane Category 1 Sleeveless Wetsuit - 2017 - Size M price

Review for REPAIRED: TYR Women’s Hurricane Category 1 Sleeveless Wetsuit – 2017 – Size M

This suit has multiple small fingernail tears that have been professionally repaired.The Category 1 Sleeveless offers high level performance at an unbeatable price. It is constructed with Slick-Skin Neoprene, which is perfect for aspiring competitors since it boasts minimal drag and maximum speed and durability. Features include speed wrap paneling, ROM zones and quick-release ankle cuffs. Slick-Skin Neoprene Slick Skin Neoprene offers maximum durability, as well as a comfortable fit that conforms perfectly to your body. Form-Fitting, Quick Release Ankle Cuffs Form-fitting ankle cuffs allow powerful kicks, while preventing water from entering the suit. Speed Wrap Paneling and Free Range of Motion Zones Lightweight panels wrap and curve around entire leg, chest and core area to give you the feeling of second skin, while maximizing body position and minimizing drag. To further achieve the second skin feeling, strategically placed free ROM zones eliminate constrictions, allowing the swimmer to achieve a long reach without straining shoulders.


Buy REPAIRED: Orca Men’s 1.5 Alpha Wetsuit – Size 9 – Review

REPAIRED: Orca Men's 1.5 Alpha Wetsuit - Size 9 price

Review for REPAIRED: Orca Men’s 1.5 Alpha Wetsuit – Size 9

This suit has a small fingernail tear on the right knee, two small fingernail tears on the left leg and a minor tear on the left sleeve that has been professionally repaired.The 1.5 Alpha (named after the triathlon swim distance) offers a wetsuit swim like you’ve never experienced before. Refined and re-engineered in consultation with the world’s best triathltes. The 1.5 Alpha retains the Freestroke 3 System of Nano SCS-coated 1.5-2mm #40 cell panels through the chest and back areas, while the arms and shoulders have #44 cell. These lightweight panels are ergonomically crafted to provide unrestricted range of motion – so much so, many people say it doesn’t even feel like they’re wearing a wetsuit. The 1.5 Alpha offers the highest quality materials, performance features and fit. Designed with seam reduction for larger areas of neoprene that increases flexibility. Other features for the 1.5 Alpha include the comfortable low profile neck seal, designed to sit flat against the neck, limiting water entry and reducing the incidence of chafing. The molded silicone aquatread forearm panel has been enhanced to provide increased stroke power in the catch phase, whilst remainnig easy to remove during transition. The high stretch nylon 4 way free stretch inner lining is mated to the freestroke 3 system panels to allow dynamic movement. Inifinity SKN Lining – Unparalled Flexibility and Next-to-Skin Comfort Nano SCS Coating – Second only to Nano Ice, Nano SCS is the Highest Grade of Drag Reducing Coating on the Market 44 Cell Panels / Freestroke 3 System – Arm, Shoulder and Back – The Highest of Grades of Yamamoto Neoprene Giving Maximum Flexibility, Comfort and Range of Movement Aerodome 2 Core Panels – For Core Buoyancy and Stability – Strategically Placed to Aid Hip Rotation and Balance in the Water Low Profile Neck – Limits Water Entry, Reduces Chafing, Reduces Drag Slipstream Zip – Low Drag, Easy to use Silicone Hydrostroke Forearm Panels – Increased Water Catchment Giving More Pull Power and Traction Speed Transition Panels – Fast Removal of Suit Enabling Faster Transition Times


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