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Buy XLab Stealth Pocket 400 – 2019 – Review

XLab Stealth Pocket 400 - 2019 price

Review for XLab Stealth Pocket 400 – 2019

MORE AERODYNAMIC Actually reduces drag caused by stem and headset spacers. Airfoil shape provides clean air flow around bag. Perfect 5:1 ratio for lowest possible drag. Same width as head tube, therefore no increase in frontal area. Super smooth low skin friction exterior reduces drag.NON SWAY DESIGN Non slip surfaces underneath grip top tube. Three long velcro straps make bag secure.EASIER TO USE Located within easy reach while riding. Non slip dual rubber zipper pulls so you can open from either end. One handed Super-Slide zippers.SMART STORAGE Can carry 6 gels. Silver colored interior makes it easier to see contents. Can store the longest energy bars. Volume 23.2 cu.ins (380cc)CONTENTS STAY COOLER Insulated sides keep your nutrition cooler. Silver interior helps reflect heat away.


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