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Buy Sugoi RS Ped Sock – Review

Sugoi RS Ped Sock price

Review for Sugoi RS Ped Sock

This brand new SUGOI RS PED SOCK has been constructed so that the left and right foot are anatomically correct, also to make it easier Sugoi marked the toe of each sock. This sock is ultra lightweight and made of a moisture wicking micro nylon/spandex fabric. It is an extremely low-cut athletic sock, just reaching the ankle with no rolls or folds at the top, also known as an ankle or court sock. This low height keeps your legs cool and allows sweat to evaporate more quickly. Sugoi reinforced the toe and heel for increased durability for any active athlete, they also incorporated strategic cushioning under the toe, metatarsal pad, heel and achilles, and a structured arch support. The technology contained in this sock is incredible, the comfort and breathability is clearly evident. Lightweight moisture wicking fabric: Micro Nylon/Spandex blend Strategic cushion placement under the toe, metatarsal pad, heel and achilles Reinforced toe and heel for durability Structured arch support Reverse Lin-toe construction Anatomically correct left and right foot construction


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