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Buy DeSoto Women’s Femme Riviera Flisuit Tri Suit – 2018 – Review

DeSoto Women's Femme Riviera Flisuit Tri Suit - 2018 price

Review for DeSoto Women’s Femme Riviera Flisuit Tri Suit – 2018

What’s the biggest drawback to racing in a one-piece trisuit? Bathroom access! We’ve eliminated this problem by adding an easy access zipper for portaloo stops on the fli! Unzip, sit / squat, and pull the panel forward to go! Femme Snakezip technology makes re-zipping effortless. Zipper has full interior lining for comfort, and to eliminate the potential of chafing. Skin Cooler 90 sleeves and shoulders provide UVB sun protection while creating a cooling sensation when fabric is wet Femme 4mm Float Pad provides comfort on the bike and goes unnoticed on the run – it’s antibacterial, moisture wicking and provides 4-way stretch Front zipper allows on-the-go ventilation; top zip garage prevents zipper bites No internal bra because after all, we all have our favorite bra anyway (but we suggest our Micro Bra WMB1) Reflective logos for increased low-light visibility Contrast stitching is durable and provides beautiful body lines Three pockets – one on the back and one on each back leg for all of your fuel needs! Leg inseam is long enough to stay in place without “squeezy” grippers Designed and created by women Made in the USA Our Skin Cooler fiber is designed to feel and perform like silk (from a silk worm). Through Biomimicry, we and created a synthetic silk. It will keep you cool in hot weather and cooler when it is wet. Put it on and you will instantly feel the cool sensation. Wet it and you will notice a drop in the surface temperature of the skin between 7 and 10 degrees.


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