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Buy Orca Women’s Alpha Wetsuit – 2019 – Review

Orca Women's Alpha Wetsuit - 2019 price

Review for Orca Women’s Alpha Wetsuit – 2019

The combination of innovative technologies, such as Yamamoto 0.88 neoprene on the arms and Yamamoto 44 on the shoulders, make the new Alpha the most elastic wetsuit on the market. It addition, its new FT1 technology on the knee panel offers unprecedented freedom of movement: with the new Alpha, you’ll fly through your longest transitions. As a novel feature, this wetsuit includes a new reverse zip system that is shorter, does not limit your arm stroke and offers unprecedented flexibility. The perfect weapon for Natural Swimmers, those who come from a swimming background and who innately have a correct swimming technique, free of any serious flaws. Concentrate on what really matters: swimming without limits.0.88 Free 0.88 Free technology has been developed together with Yamamoto, exclusively for Orca, with the aim of producing the most elastic material available today. The thinnest wetsuit on the market, only 0.5 mm thick, it combines the best lining with a layer of titanium to provide better thermal insulation.Yamamoto 44 This material, exclusively from Orca, is Yamamoto’s most elastic version of wetsuits, with a thickness of 1.5 mm. The use of this flexible element makes it possible to use a shorter zip than is found on the rest of the wetsuits in the market.Speed The wetsuit’s SCS treatment reduces friction while you swim and the HydroLite panels on the legs, along with FT1 technology, let you run with greater freedom. Transitions have never been so fast.Shorter Zipper System The new reverse zip prevents the zip from opening during the race. In addition, since the zip is shorter and smaller, it is less restrictive. Yamamoto neoprene Nano SCS coating 0.88 Free – The construction of five layers of neoprene, combined with a warm reflective titanium skin, is the secret to achieving the great thermal insulation of this lightweight material. The thinnest wetsuit on the market at only .5mm thick, it combines the best lining with a layer of titanium to provide better thermal insulation. This revolutionary material is used on the arms and back to provide a wider range for your arm stroke. A high-tech step forward. HydroLite – The HydroLite panels help the wetsuit come off easier, for faster transitions. This technology, combined with the SCS coating, helps the water slide off your wetsuit, without impregnating it, considerably improving your hydrodynamics. Infinity Skin – The inner Infinity Skin lining provides the feeling of absolute freedom. Designed based on a high-elasticity nylon that incorporates bamboo fibers, this technology is applied to the lining of Orca’s wetsuits to offer you greater flexibility with each stroke. This cloth maintains body heat longer, reduces body odor and the appearance of bacteria in your wetsuit. It is also made from natural eco-friendly materials to prevent the appearance of skin irritation and care for the environment. FT1 – This new technology, exclusively from Orca, consists of ribbed neoprene. It’s used for the lower joints to achieve maximum elasticity during the race. Your transitions have never been so fast.


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