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Buy Aqua Sphere Men’s Aqua Skin Top – Review

Aqua Sphere Men's Aqua Skin Top price

Review for Aqua Sphere Men’s Aqua Skin Top

The Aqua Sphere Men’s Aqua Skin Top is an ultra light and durable suit engineered with Thermo-Guard technology to provide maximum warmth as well as protection from the sun. The Aqua Sphere Men’s Aqua Skin Top is manufactured with an ultra thin neoprene which offers complete freedom of movement like a traditional swimsuit, but with the added benefit of maintaining the bodys temperature in water. By keeping core muscles warm Aqua Skins help reduce cramping so swimmers can maximize their workout and spend longer in the water. Created for pool swimmers and open water enthusiasts of all ages and aptitudes. Aqua Sphere Men’s Aqua Skin Top Primary Features: Thermo-Guard technology provides warmth and maximum flexibility and range of motion in the shoulders, legs and chest. Constructed from 0.5-1mm Glide Skin neoprene which offers increased speed and freedom of movement in water due to a low drag coefficient. Double-lock Collar offers maximum comfort while keeping water out.


Buy Nathan VaporKrar Waist Pak – 2019 – Review

Nathan VaporKrar Waist Pak - 2019 price

Review for Nathan VaporKrar Waist Pak – 2019

Renowned minimalist ultra runner, Rob Krar, doesn’t like to wear anything around his waist. So he helped us develop a waist pak that even he loves to wear. Comfort and high performance merge with this super lightweight, form fitting waist pak that features our new 18 oz. soft flask. Includes our new 18 oz. soft flask with bite valve to keep liquids from escaping Step through design fits comfortably around your waist and provides a bounce free ride, even at top speed Top perimeter elastic with gripper ensures a secure fit Front zippered pocket fits smartphones sized up to iPhone 6 Plus Center back pocket with lightweight compression system holds included soft flask, plus nutrition, a light jacket or other essentials Expandable side stash pockets for small running essentials Hidden key pocket Sizing: S/M (29-34 in.), L/XL (35-40 in.)


Buy Zone3 Silicone V-Flex Ergo Swim Training Fins – 2019 – Review

Zone3 Silicone V-Flex Ergo Swim Training Fins - 2019 price

Review for Zone3 Silicone V-Flex Ergo Swim Training Fins – 2019

A unique one-piece fin design with ankle strap for improved comfort and fit.Using fins as part of your swim training can have huge benefits to your overall swim efficiency and speed. Many developing swimmers underestimate how important the kick is to the overall body position and speed through the water.Swimming with fins can significantly help improve ankle flexibility which is vital in creating a fluid leg kick. By using these fins as part of your kick and swim sets you will automatically get the feeling of how your feet should be positioned when swimming unassisted and over time your ankle flexibility and leg strength will improve.Unlike many of the other swimming fins on the market, the Zone3 fins feature an ankle strap rather than a full fitted heel which allows a better fit, less chafing and unrestricted ankle movement. Improve ankle flexibility. Ankle strap rather than a full fitted heel which allows a better fit. Less chafing and unrestricted ankle movement.


Buy Orca Women’s 226 Kompress Tri Race Suit – 2018 – Review

Orca Women's 226 Kompress Tri Race Suit - 2018 price

Review for Orca Women’s 226 Kompress Tri Race Suit – 2018

With it’s unique blend of Stretchskin and Vapor-Cool fabrics, our 226 Kompress Race Suit will improve aerodynamics, decrease muscle fatigue, naturally keep you cool, and provide maximum comfort over long distances. A regenerated Tri-Tech Chamois with 110kg density is cushioned in just the areas triathletes need, while angled covered pockets give plenty of space to store all the nutrition you need.Stretchskin This next-generation technical fabric fits the body like a second skin to offer outstanding muscle support and improved aerodynamics, along with exceptional breathability. Used on the legs, sides and shoulder panels it allows for quick drying and and excellent UV protection.Vapour-cool Used on the chest and lower back panel of the race suit, the nano-crystal technology with UPF50+ sun protection keeps the body cool and promotes fast wicking to keep you feeling drier in hot conditions.Tri-tech chamois With a 2-8mm molded cut, this 110kg density PU foam chamois is calibrated to move with the user with the location of the cushioned areas designed specifically for triathletes needs.Storage Two angled covered pockets on either side of the lower back give you plenty of space to store the nutrition you need within easy reach.Elastic grip The elastic grip keeps the shorts in place, delivering unparalleled comfort.


Buy Orca Women’s Predator Fullsleeve Wetsuit – 2016 – Review

Orca Women's Predator Fullsleeve Wetsuit - 2016 price

Review for Orca Women’s Predator Fullsleeve Wetsuit – 2016

If you’re looking for a wetsuit that will keep you streamlined even when you tire while providing ultimate buoyancy and flexibility.STREAMLINED – Our latest innovation the Core Lateral STabilizer (CLS) uses a less flexible material on the core panels to stabilize the body. The suit feels stiff but once in the water it feels like you’re swimming ona surfboard – greatly impoving your body position and so also your speed.BUOYANCY – The never before seen ExoLift has no lining and therefore doesn’t absorb water. While other wetsuits get heavier ast the lining gets soaked, Exolift keeps it’s buoyancy unchanged and eliminates excess knee movment, so when combined with the Core Lateral Stabilizer you have the ultimate weapon for long distance swimming. FLEXIBILITY – The all neww 0.88 Free arms and upper body on the Predator are less than 1mm thick, making it feel like you’re wearing a sleeveless suit with total unrestriction in your stroke. A Titanium coating provides thermal protection while the streme thinness of the sleeve provides unrivalled forearm water feedback as you feel the water with each stroke.SPEED – Nano-ice coated Yamamoto 39 and 40 cell neoprene is used in special Hydrolite panels in the arms and legs of the suit combined with a stretchy lining that absorbs less water to improve buoyancy and is super sleek, making the Predator even faster to remove in transition.COMFORT – Super thin 1.5mm SCS coated neoprene collar provides the ultimate in comfort where you need it most. Yamamoto The Yamamoto Corporation is the world’s main supplier of high performance neoprene. It’s seal represents quality, technology and innovation. Core Lateral Stabilizer The Core Lateral Stabilizer (CLS) system is a revolutionary new feature that provides body alignment assistance. The effect of 5mm Exo-cell side panels alongside the 4mm Exo-lift front panels is that of a flotation device stabilizing the core by preventing lateral movment without restricting rolling. The result is an effortlessly streamlined body position, allowing less fatigue and so a faster time in the water. Nano Ice Super Composite Skin (SCS) has become the benchmark for coating the smoothskin neoprene used in triathlon wetsuits, to reduce friction and increase speed through the water. Orca uses Yamamoto Corporation’s latest Nano SCS for an even lower drag co-efficient, ensuring the fastest swim possible. The underwater co-efficient of dynamic fricition of the Nano SCS is 0.026 in comparison to 4.0 of regular neoprene. Less friction = more speed! Nano ICE is the latest upgrade to Nano SCS and is an Orca exclusive. 0.88 Free 0.88 Free is revolutionary material developed by Orca. The five layer construction combined with a patented heat reflective Titanium coating is the secret behind the extraordinarily high insulation effect in such a lightweight material. This results in extreme stretch and flexibility, high buoyancy and insulation as well as low drag in the water. 0.88 Free really is the ultimate weapon for speed in the water. InfinitySkn Bamboo It’s what’s on the inside that counts and Orca’s unique InfinitySkn Bamboo lining plays an integral part in the unbelievable flexibility of our top wetsuit the Predator. Constructed from a high stretch nylon, InfinitySkn Bamboo is strategically place where ultimate stretch is required and allows the wetsuit to move dynamically through your swim stroke. The addition of Bamboo fibers embedded in the nylon allows the Predator to be naturally anti-odor, anti-bacterial and eco-friendly. 40-Cell Yamamoto’s 40 cell neoprene is the penultimate for flexibility, suppleness, fit and comfort. Located in key high stretch areas, these panels contribute to providing wetsuit swimming experience of the highest level. HydroLite HydroLite panels make transition that extra bit faster using superfast SCS which combined with a special lining which absorbs less water to improve buoyancy while also being extremely sleek making the suit fast to remove in transition saving you precious seconds. Exo-Lift The Exo-Lift front panel on the Predator is a revolutionary 4mm multi-layer material. Consisting of an outer layer made of 4mm Yamamoto 39cell Neoprene coated with the super- fast SCS Nano ICE combined with a completely waterproof lining. This means the Exo-Lift absorbs far less water than other materials and consequently maintains buoyancy over a longer distance. The Exo-Lift has been carefully placed on this specific panel to assist during open water swimming helping the body to remain streamlined as well as preventing excess bending of the knee and therefore slower rate of fatigue. Backpack Included – Orca equips you to go further faster in our wetsuit, and sends you on your way to conquer the seven seas with a handy backpack to carry it in.


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