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Buy DeSoto Men’s Riviera Tri Bib Short – Review

DeSoto Men's Riviera Tri Bib Short price

Review for DeSoto Men’s Riviera Tri Bib Short

Riviera Tri bib has the Patent Pending Integrated Riviera Ceramico 7mm Pad.The Bib design offers a slimming look as it holds in the stomach and obliques while allowing ease of breathing and no cutting at the waist. One center back pocket. The body is made of Liftfoil with coldBlack, and has Forza Compressor Legs with Compressor double-legband, Liftfoil abdomen panel, Skin Cooler bibs, and Curvilinear seam lines with contrast flatstitch.The Liftfoil panels in the center offer a number of benefits: To improve the durability. Yes, this fabric is more durable, which important in an area where you will rubbing against a saddle and where some people’s thighs rub together. To keep the modesty panel, well, modest. This fabric is not diaphanous at all (meaning not see-through). Something we all appreciate not involuntarily seeing on others. To make this tribib faster in non-wetsuit races. Liftfoil is our swimskin fabric. It is of what make the entire Liftfoil Speed Trisuit. The addition of these panels on the front and back makes this trishort faster, and had no adverse affects when worn with a wetsuit.Inseam lengths: S-8″, M-8.5″, L-9″, XL-9.5″Inseam lengths: S-20 cm, M-22 cm, L-23 cm, XL-24 cm


Buy Zoot Women’s Run PCH 3″ Short – 2015 – Review

Zoot Women's Run PCH 3

Review for Zoot Women’s Run PCH 3″ Short – 2015

Lightweight woven shell for unrestricted movement and comfort Internal crepe brief with Icefil uses Xylitol to keep you cool and comfortable Icefil Icefil technology is a multifunctional, intelligent moisture sensitive fabric designed to keep you cool when your body temperature is not. Icefil is a must have if you plan to train or race anywhere around the globe that is hot and humid. Xylitol Yarn Convert your sweat into refrigerant. Stay cool and fresh. Xylitol yarn reacts to your body’s moisture, creating an additional 1.8 degree F reduction in skin temperature. This technology is especially effective in high humidity. VENTflex hip panels in brief for maximum range of motion Zippered back pocket for secured storage Wide knit comfort waistband and drawcord for sleek, smooth fit 3″ inseam Reflective Details UPF 50+


Buy Orca Men’s Killa Kompression Long Sleeve Top – Review

Orca Men's Killa Kompression Long Sleeve Top price

Review for Orca Men’s Killa Kompression Long Sleeve Top

The new Orca Killa Kompression Top Long Sleeve is an ideal multi-purpose compression garment that can be worn under other garments or as a stand alone top. The top is constructed from Orca’s 70 denier, circular knit Killaskn Kompress fabric, cut into body contoured panels for optimum muscle support. The top can be used pre, during and post exercise. High stretch fabric: muscle support / performance / comfort Body contoured panelling: muscle support UV protection 50+Size ChestWaist HipXS90cm, 35.5in72cm, 28in89cm, 35inS95cm, 37.5in77cm, 30in94cm, 37inM100cm, 39.5in82cm, 32in99cm, 39inL105cm, 41.5in87cm, 34in104cm, 41inXL110cm, 43.5in92cm, 36in109cm, 43in


Buy TNi Bento Box – Small – Review

TNi Bento Box - Small price

Review for TNi Bento Box – Small

Your bars, gel, or cellphone will never be out of range with this frame mini-pack. 4 velcro straps, 2 around the stem and 2 around the top tube. Open at the top and has a mesh cover attached with velcro Mesh cover is adjustable and can conform to different shapes Reinforced on four sides with thin plastic inserts. Size: 31/4″ X 1 1/4″ X 3″ = 6 Gu packs


Buy Orca Men’s Core Swim Jammer – Review

Orca Men's Core Swim Jammer price

Review for Orca Men’s Core Swim Jammer

Internal Mesh Lined Front – Comfort, support Elasticated Waist With Draw Cord – Comfort, secure Body Contoured Panels – Comfort, fit, design Twin Needle Finished Leg Hem – Comfort Flat Lock Top Stitch – Comfort, stretch Orca Transfer Logos Silicone Label – Comfort, low irritation Low Rise Front – Comfort Polyester Fabric – Chlorine resistant, water repellent and durable


Buy Sugoi Men’s Classic Bike Glove – 2019 – Review

Sugoi Men's Classic Bike Glove - 2019 price

Review for Sugoi Men’s Classic Bike Glove – 2019

Sugoi’s breathable lightweight, padded glove is a value packed essential to keep your hands comfortable. Lightweight and durable materials for breathability and comfort Foam padding in palm for vibration dampening Anatomical articulated patterning for an enhanced fit in riding position Power mesh fourchettes for breathability


Buy 2XU Men’s Propel Wetsuit – 2017 – Review

2XU Men's Propel Wetsuit - 2017 price

Review for 2XU Men’s Propel Wetsuit – 2017

NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE WHEN YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TOOLS. At first, distances like 1.5 or 3.86 kilometer swims can be daunting. But when you start to shift your training and your mindset, everything suddenly comes within reach. And while dedication and hard work always deliver results, the proper tools – like our premium line of WETSUITS – can make the difference between victory and defeat. Engineered with flexible, high-performing fabrics that make you more hydrodynamic and features that add buoyancy, stability and power, our WETSUITS help you slice through open water without letting anything, including the competition, get in your way.Built with Nano SCS Coating for extra 4% buoyancy, the Propel Wetsuit provides unparalleled support with an additional upper chest panel and seamless shoulder and arm panels for enhanced flexibility.Featuring highly acclaimed 2XU Intermediate Zone Stretch (IZS) panels and thin neoprene, this Wetsuit allows unrestricted movement, hydrodynamic stability and increased speed. Complete with a concave water entrapment zone and lower leg propulsion panel, athletes can power through the waves for superior performance. Nano SCS coating – Extra 4% buoyancy SCS coating / Hydrodynamic silicone coating Front panel with seamless buoyancy inserts / Improved buoyancy Intermediate zone stretch (IZS) panels / Fluid movement Velocity strakes / Hydrodynamic stability Concave water entrapment zone / Xtreme ultra enhanced DPS 39 Cell front buoyancy panels throughout suit / Max buoyancy Lower leg propulsion panel / Increased kick power Seamless shoulder + arm panel / Enhanced flexibility Transition panel / Seam overlap technology 520% Stretch lining (internal) / Enhanced lateral flexibility Floating zip panel / Extra DPS High elbow lift panel Rollbar / Improved core buoyancy + body position


Buy DeSoto Men’s 400-Mile Bib Short – 2016 – Review

DeSoto Men's 400-Mile Bib Short - 2016 price

Review for DeSoto Men’s 400-Mile Bib Short – 2016

The 400-Mile Bib Short has the new Patent Pending Integrated 400-Mile Ceramico 14 mm Pad.This 11-panel bib has a Carrera Piqué Abdomen panel to hold in your midsection and to give you bit more breathability in front, just above the pad. The bibs straps comfortably bring the top and sides of the short up higher than other brands thus offering more abdominal support and a more slimming look and feel. It is finished with piping along the bibstraps for added comfort and flexibility on long rides.One of the great features of this short is what it does not have….it does not have elastic leg gripper, eliminating the tight binding around the thighs.Made of Forza Compressor, this short stays down and in place on the legs and also features Liquid Mesh to keep you cool. It has one pocket in the center back and the black and black/white colors have two additional pockets (one on each leg and one in back) that fit cell phones, smart phones, fuel packets, and most sunglasses. Curvilinear seamlines, contrast flatstitch, and the 400-Mile Pad make it the most comfortable bibshort on the market, regardless of price.Emilio De Soto gave these shorts and bibs the “400-Mile” name from product testing consisting of 400 miles over 4 days. His logic was that many shorts feel fine for 100+ mile rides. The real question is how does that saddle feel when you get on the bike the next morning for another 100 miles…and the next morning? This was the inspiration for the design, the pad, and the name.These also feature a solid black Liftfoil center panel for more comfort and durability!We added the Liftfoil panels in the center for a number of reasons:To improve the durability. Yes, this fabric is more durable, which is important in an area where rubbing occurs against a saddle and where some people’s thighs rub together.To keep the modesty panel, well, modest. This fabric is not diaphanous at all (meaning not see-through). Something we all appreciate not involuntarily seeing on others.Inseam lengths: S-8″, M-8.5″, L-9″, XL-9.5″, XXL-10″Inseam lengths: S-20 cm, M-21.5 cm, L-23 cm, XL-24 cm XXL-25.4cm


Buy Louis Garneau Pro Lite Shoe Covers – 2016 – Review

Louis Garneau Pro Lite Shoe Covers - 2016 price

Review for Louis Garneau Pro Lite Shoe Covers – 2016

The Pro Lite shoe covers protect your feet without compromising your aerodynamic edge. A polyurethane membrane is laminated with an extremely stretchable spandex fabric that molds the foot’s shape, providing a barrier against cold and rain. The higher cuff with silicone elastic provides a better fit and prevents infiltrations. Waterproof fully taped internal seams keep your feet warm and dry in any condition.FABRIC: ISO AERO WR: STRETCHABLE, PROTECTS FROM COLD AND RAINDETAILS: Aerodynamic fit: Higher cuff and extremely stretchable fabric to mold the foot’s shape Silicone elastic at the cuff: Better fit and prevents infiltrations Velcro fastener under sole: Easy pull-on Cleat opening under sole: Cleat position Seam sealed : Prevents infiltrations Back and side reflective logo: Enhanced visibility


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