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Buy Zoot Women’s Z Force 3.0 Sleeveless Wetzoot Wetsuit – 2016 – Review

Zoot Women's Z Force 3.0 Sleeveless Wetzoot Wetsuit - 2016 price

Review for Zoot Women’s Z Force 3.0 Sleeveless Wetzoot Wetsuit – 2016

[AQUAlift] Aqualift provides maximum buoyancy raising your legs and torso in the water for increased power and speed. [DORSAlflex Zipper] 2mm of neoprene around the back zipper gives better stretch for improved lung expansion. No more traditional wetsuit restrictive fit, DORSAflex zipper allows the zipper panel to stretch with the body. [Optimal Kick Design OKD] OKD is leg patterning that makes a wetsuit work with your anatomy rather than fight it. OKD ensures increased kick velocity, frequency and efficiency. [Yamamoto Cell 39 Neoprene] Stretch and comfort come from this extremely lightweight and low-density rubber. Low density=maximum buoyancy=more speed. [Yamamoto 39 GLIDEflex] Grooved panels increase stretch for maximum lung expansion, shoulder rotation and extension [SCS] Super Composite Skin is a hydrodynamic coating that improves swimming speeds by reducing drag allowing the suit to glide through water more efficiently. Due to its ultra-low surface friction 0.032 SCS coating improves neoprene’s surface abrasion resistance, durability and strength. Single Layer comfort neck closureFabric: Front Body: 4mm Yamamoto SCS NANO C39 Center Chest: 3mm Yamamoto SCS GLIDEflex Back Body: 3mm Yamamoto SCS C39 Front Leg: 4mm Yamamoto SCS C 39 Back Leg: 3mm Yamamoto SCS C39 Seat: 5mm Yamamoto SCS C39


Buy Zone3 Men’s Lava Long Distance Tri Top – 2019 – Review

Zone3 Men's Lava Long Distance Tri Top - 2019 price

Review for Zone3 Men’s Lava Long Distance Tri Top – 2019

The award winning Lava collection was designed specifically with long distance athletes in mind.Thanks to the popularity of the range, new products have been added and even further research and development has been conducted to ensure maximum performance and comfort. The garment you wear in an Ironman event can significantly affect your performance and therefore this range is designed to be lightweight, super- comfortable, exceptionally breathable, supportive and functional. New fabrics and features make the latest Lava collection an absolute must-have for anybody racing in long distance events.A significant upgrade to fabric used on the upper body of the top, the new Lava top offers maximum breathability, temperature control and freedom of movement. Further attention to detail has then been added to make the top more comfortable, crucial over the longer distances. Aeroforce Soft-Touch – A revolutionary woven fabric from France is used on the main front and back panels and is extremely comfortable against the skin and technically advanced. It is one of the most expensive performance fabrics on the market, but once you have tried it you will understand why. Extremely breathable and sweat wicking for optimum temperature control. Incredible lightweight and quick drying while still being durable and offering a high level of UPF protection. 360° stretch for total freedom of movement. A high-tech water repellent coating for drag resistance both in and out of the water and to repel sweat while on the go. Also, a very useful feature if it rains on the bike section, helping to keep you drier and warmer. This is a market-leading fabric which is used by a very high proportion of pro athletes. Comfort is crucial during a long distance race and as soon as you feel this fabric against your skin you’ll understand why it is a key feature in the range. This fabric is used on the main front and back panels. Sensory – Our Sensory fabric helps to mimic the Aeroforce Soft-Touch fabric and has an extremely smooth and soft feel together with a full water repellent coating. It also benefits from a reflective coating to help minimize heat absorption from the sun. This fabric is used on the side and back panels. Each fabric carefully chosen and positioned to improve performance, comfort and endurance. Nutrition storage with nice big pockets on the back to stock up on nutrition and make it easy to access whilst on the bike or run. Comfort fit design throughout the body and neck together with slightly wider shoulder panels for increased protection from the sun. Optical white color used on the majority of the top to help reflect the sun’s heat. Length – Designed to slightly overlap with the Tri shorts which gives the impression of wearing a suit, but with the versatility of wearing shorts and top. The top is also longer at the back compared to the front to ensure good coverage, especially in the Aero position. Elastic Technology and binding gives a snug fit without any discomfort around the arms and neck lines. Also, new seam construction to prevent any chafing under the arm. Stylish Flat locked stitching: Designed for maximum strength and minimum discomfort against the skin. Front semi-auto lock zipper for extra ventilation during the cycle or run. Total Zip protection: Soft fabrics are used to cover the inside of the zipper and this is combined with ‘fold over’ cover to minimize any discomfort from the zip on the chest.


Buy Pearl Izumi Women’s Tri Fly Select V6 Shoe – 2019 – Review

Pearl Izumi Women's Tri Fly Select V6 Shoe - 2019 price

Review for Pearl Izumi Women’s Tri Fly Select V6 Shoe – 2019

Podium-worthy performance and the barefoot comfort of a Seamless Upper make this an exceptional all-around tri shoe. 1:1 Anatomic Tri Closure eliminates hot spots and removes pressure from your instep Bonded Seamless Upper delivers all-day riding comfort and durability SELECT 1:1 Composite Power Plate with carbon fiber forefoot insert provides lightweight stiffness and durability (stiffness rating 8) Plate features Direct-Vent technology for cooling and drainage EVA foam and rubber heel bumper gives stability and walking comfort SELECT Insole provides excellent longitudinal and transverse arch support 3-bolt road cleat & SPD compatible


Buy Nathan Orion Stobe Light – 2017 – Review

Nathan Orion Stobe Light - 2017 price

Review for Nathan Orion Stobe Light – 2017

A single solution to see and be seen! Our most powerful clip light with USB recharge powers one 30-Lumen crystal white LEF to light the path ahead of you and 3 well-positioned LED strobes to allow you to be seen. Clip the strobe to the Orion Belt for a perfect fit over your clothes. LED: 4 LEDs 1 Crystal White LED 30 Lumens/ 3 LEDs 6 Lumens Battery: Li-Ion Rechargeable via USB Burn Time: On 5 hours, Strobe- +30 Hours IPXx4 Splash/ Rain Resistant- The equipment has been splashed with water from all angles for at least five minutes under consistent pressure. An IPX4 level of protection means that though it may not be for scuba diving, it is great for running in any weather condition. Weather Resistant


Buy TYR Men’s Alliance Splice Racer – 2019 – Review

TYR Men's Alliance Splice Racer - 2019 price

Review for TYR Men’s Alliance Splice Racer – 2019

Durable, sleek and eco-friendly, the Men’s Alliance Splice Racer Swimsuit is a triple threat. Our one-of-a-kind TYReco textile, constructed from recycled fabric, requires less energy to produce, creating a lower level of CO2 pollution in the environment.Featuring a fitted brief style, comfortable support and adjustable drawcord waist, TYR racer swimsuits are built for athletes who want minimal coverage during every swim. With lightweight, freedom of motion, each pair ensures reliable performance.In addition to providing a long-lasting fit, UPF 50+ protection and chlorine resistance, the RALI1A is offered in a variety of color options. TYReco: 80% Recycled Nylon/ 20% LYCRA XTRA LIFE fiber All TYR Performance Swim Suits offer UPF 50+ Protection. Fitted Brief Style Adjustable Drawcord Waist 360° Degree Range of Motion Made From Recycled Fabric


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