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Buy Nathan Orion Stobe Light – 2017 – Review

Nathan Orion Stobe Light - 2017 price

Review for Nathan Orion Stobe Light – 2017

A single solution to see and be seen! Our most powerful clip light with USB recharge powers one 30-Lumen crystal white LEF to light the path ahead of you and 3 well-positioned LED strobes to allow you to be seen. Clip the strobe to the Orion Belt for a perfect fit over your clothes. LED: 4 LEDs 1 Crystal White LED 30 Lumens/ 3 LEDs 6 Lumens Battery: Li-Ion Rechargeable via USB Burn Time: On 5 hours, Strobe- +30 Hours IPXx4 Splash/ Rain Resistant- The equipment has been splashed with water from all angles for at least five minutes under consistent pressure. An IPX4 level of protection means that though it may not be for scuba diving, it is great for running in any weather condition. Weather Resistant


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