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Buy Amanzi Women’s Aurora Knee Length Swimsuit – 2018 – Review

Amanzi Women's Aurora Knee Length Swimsuit - 2018 price

Review for Amanzi Women’s Aurora Knee Length Swimsuit – 2018

Immerse yourself in a rainbow of colours in the Aurora Kneelength. The blend of neon pastels which vary in colour and complexity create the same dreamlike emissions of lights that are seen in the artic night skies. Product Features: AMANZI Conka Chlorine Resistant Fabric Purple Gusset Lining Wide Shoulder Straps and Back Band Maximum 50+ UV Protection Bar Tack Reinforcement Leg Height approx. 5cm Above Knee Repeat Print Silver Foil AMANZI LogoAbout AMANZI CONKA Fabric: Chlorine Proof Fabric: Designed and milled in Italy, AMANZI CONKA is a technologically advanced chlorine resistant fabric that offers superior stretch making it the ideal choice for racing or training. Chlorine Resistant: Provides maximum strength and durability and will continue to perform in chlorinated environments. Maximum UV Protection: Protects the skin from the suns harmful UV rays with a maximum protection rating of UPF 50+ wet or dry. Perfect Fit: Molds to the natural contours of the body giving you freedom of movement when swimming. Excellent Shape Retention: The swimsuit will continue to retain its shape even after extended use. Silky Soft to Touch: Pleasant on the skin as it is super soft to touch and always smooth. Exceptional Breathability: Absorbs sweat during training and allows for natural evaporation. Quick Drying: Dries quickly so it will be ready to wear for your next training session. Low Absorbency: Does not hold or retain large amounts of water during or after use. Superior Color Fastness: Will continue to retain its vibrancy and color even after extended use.


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