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Buy Kinetic Magnetic Bike Trainer – 2019 – Review

Kinetic Magnetic Bike Trainer - 2019 price

Review for Kinetic Magnetic Bike Trainer – 2019

Magnetic resistance at its finest. The Kinetic Magnetic bike trainer puts a wide range of quiet, smooth resistance at your fingertips with a nine-position indexed controller. Utilizing Eddy Current technology the Mag trainer offers progressive resistance up to 850 watts at 40 mph. The Magnetic’s resistance curve offers a higher mid-range resistance than our fluid trainer models, making it a great match for low-geared bikes like mountain and cross bikes. Our unique design runs cooler and quieter than other magnetic trainers for a more consistent and enjoyable ride.Kinetic skewer included Kinetic trainers are compatible with virtually all bikes. Bikes with a rear thru-axle will require a Kinetic Traxle thru-axle adapter for use on any trainer. Stable, durable trainer frame 9-position thumb shifter Magnetic resistance Large diameter roller Folds flat for easy storage Ergonomic rubberized knobs and feet Frame fits 22 inch to 29 inch wheels Fully assembled


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