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Buy Nathan Women’s Vapor Airess Race Vest – 2019 – Review

Nathan Women's Vapor Airess Race Vest - 2019 price

Review for Nathan Women’s Vapor Airess Race Vest – 2019

The lightest-weight women’s Race Vest option in our red-hot Vapor Series lineup brings the ideal balance of storage capacity, functionality, and weight to even the most demanding endurance athletes we work with. Trust us, our ladies tell it like it is! Designed specifically to fit the female form Over the shoulder load lifters keep water and gear close to the body for maximum no-bounce comfort Body-mapped, super-breathable materials for maximum comfort Equipped with a 2L bladder with quick-release valve Two easy-access front bottle pockets Front right stretch mesh stash pocket holds several gels Front pocket with “wipe clean” surface for easy storing of gel empties Water-resistant pill pocket Front zip smart phone-compatible pocket Side stretch mesh pockets fit most smart phones Soft-touch, no-chafe elastic perimeter binding Reflective hits for runs that last from dusk to dawn Rear external shock cord for increased capacity Size: S/M (31″ to 36″ / 78.7 cm to 91.4 cm in chest) Size: L/XL (34″ to 40″ / 86.4 cm / 101.6 cm in chest)


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