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Buy Spinervals Triathlon Performance 5-Pack DVDs – Review

Spinervals Triathlon Performance 5-Pack DVDs price

Review for Spinervals Triathlon Performance 5-Pack DVDs

ATTENTION TRIATHLETES! Maximize your cycling, running speed and overall conditioning with the awesome workouts contained in this 5-Pack!Success at triathlon requires a balanced approach to bike and run training. Top coaches and triathletes have discovered that a combination of endurance training, interval training and transition or ‘brick’ workouts are best for improving one’s ability to run strong off the bike.The Triathlon Performance 5-Pack delivers five great DVD’s from Coach Troy’s training series that will enhance a triathlete’s speed when running off the bike as well as their general overall conditioning.The workouts included in this 5-Pack: Spinervals 10.0 – Ride and Stride (The Ultimate ‘Brick’ Workout) Spinervals 13.0 – Tough Love (3 Hours of Endurance) Spinervals 22.0 – Time Trialapalooza (An Incredible Lesson in Time Trialing) Runervals 2.0 – Treadmill Tempo (Build Strength on the Treadmill) UltraConditioning 3.0 – Ultra Full Body (Overall Strength and Conditioning)Take your triathlon performance to a higher level with the Triathlon Performance 5-Pack!Difficulty Rating: 9.4


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