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Buy Orca Women’s RS1 Dream Kona Tri Race Suit – 2017 – Review

Orca Women's RS1 Dream Kona Tri Race Suit - 2017 price

Review for Orca Women’s RS1 Dream Kona Tri Race Suit – 2017

RS1 is Orca’s premium triathlon apparel and stands for performance, speed and aerodynamics. In this range you can be sure you will find Orca’s most technological fabrics, specialized construction techniques and most high performance features. How does Orca know? Because they test them! Whether in the wind tunnel, or being proven in the gruelling Kona race conditions Orca’s RS1 styles are put to the test and necessary adjustments are made until they’re certain their gear is giving athletes the optimum advantage on the race course.If you’re looking for highly aerodynamic and hydrophobic racewear specially designed for long distances that comes into it’s own in the heat. Your best bet for long distance racing for speed and comfort.ULTIMATE STRETCH – Fully bonded seams make the silhouette of this suit smoother, making it even more aerodynamic on the bike. This stitchless construction also promotes greater stretch for increased comfort.DRAG REDUCTION – AeroSkin fabric on the front panel and sleeves of the suit reduces drag in the water and improves aerodynamics on the bike.BREATHABILITY – Longer length front zip combined with highly breathable fabrics make this suit perfect for hot conditions.AERODYNAMIC – The use of sleeves and fully bonded specially positioned seams improve aerodynamics on the bike.HEAT REFLECTION – Oxygen fabric with coldblack(R) technology makes it feel like you’re wearing a white suit – perfect for hot conditions without concerns of opaqueness.COMFORT – Innovative floating 80kg density chamois construction with 2-5mm thickness and all-way stretch fabric guarantees total freedom of movement with excellent fit. An extended zip length makes this suit faster to put on when you get out of the water in transition.


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