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Buy 110% Compression Kick Back Quad Sleeve + Ice Recovery – 2019 – Review

110% Compression Kick Back Quad Sleeve + Ice Recovery - 2019 price

Review for 110% Compression Kick Back Quad Sleeve + Ice Recovery – 2019

WHAT MAKES THESE SLEEVES DIFFERENT?Targeting the hamstrings and quadriceps, the Kick Back Quad sleeves provide muscle stability with a double layer of compression and pockets for applying the included ice sheets directly to the troublespot to make it simple with the best mobile recovery on the market. Help prevent and recover from common running and jumping activities injuries.Kick Back Quad sleeves combine the benefits of compression and the power of an ice bath in a single piece of gear to make R.I.C.E. therapy easy. Rest, Ice, Compress and Elevate. The most commonly prescribed protocol for patients with lower leg injuries and pain is R.I.C.E. therapy. Rest, Ice, Compress and Elevate.THE BENEFITS OF COMPRESSION?BEFORE: Improved circulation, prepares muscles DURING: Muscle stabilization, reduces fatigue AFTER: Increased circulation, speeds recoveryTECHNICAL DETAILS 15-20 mmhg of Compression Antimicrobial SilverTech Fabric Superior moisture wicking 360° 4-Way stretch 75% polypropylene/25% spandex Minimal seam construction Includees 4 reusable ice sheets & thermal packaging measure largest part of thighCLINICAL APPLICATION Strained/Pulled Hamstring Strained QuadricepsINCLUDED One Kick Back Quad sleeve 2 reusable ICE/HEAT gel packs


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