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Buy Zoot Women’s Ultra Recovery 2.0 CRx Sock – 2016 – Review

Zoot Women's Ultra Recovery 2.0 CRx Sock - 2016 price

Review for Zoot Women’s Ultra Recovery 2.0 CRx Sock – 2016

The Zoot Women’s Ultra Recovery 2.0 CRx Sock has been integrated with padded foot soles and achilles support for recovery comfort. These integration’s help to effectively prevent foot irritations and injuries. The ZoneRx fabric helps to increase oxygen delivery to the leg muscles, preventing injury and soreness; while, the compressrx fabric improves blood circulation back to the heart. Both of these fabrics help to drastically reduce lactic acid build-up, the leading cause of cramps and soreness. These socks are also have been designed with anatomically correct foot construction, allowing targeted pressure to the areas that need it most. Places direct pressure on the muscle to prevent post-exercise swelling by forcing lactic acid out of the muscles, thus speeding post-workout recovery CRx: improved blood circulation ZoneRx: increased oxygen delivery to the muscles Left and Right foot construction: allows targeted pressure to speed up post-recovery Achilles tendon support protects and prevents irritable tendons Padded foot soles for recovery comfort to prevent foot irritations Compressive arch support to promote blood flow out of the foot and reduce fatigue Seamless toe linking construction provides greater comfort Air-Zone for breathe-ability on top of the foot Compression gradient: 18-30mm Hg Women’s Sizes: 2,3,4 Fabric: 85% nylon, 15% spandex


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