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Buy TYR Women’s Torque Pro Swimskin – 2016 – Review

TYR Women's Torque Pro Swimskin - 2016 price

Review for TYR Women’s Torque Pro Swimskin – 2016

The Women’s Torque Pro Swim Skins is your race day guardian angel. It is constructed with a slick, hydrophilic outer layer, so the water works with your suit, not against it. The result is an ultra low drag coefficient of .021 — the lowest in its class — which allows you to glide through the water with ease.Additionally, the SCSF6A womens triathlon suit has a hydrophobic inner layer with an impressively low .5% water absorption rate. In other words, this tri swimskin repels water to keep you light and dry from the inside, instead of weighing you down.Made with composite knit fabric, the Torque Pro offers a form fit for superior flexibility and freedom of movement. All TYR Torque Pro USAT legal suits are equipped with a coil zipper for a super quick transition, as well as secure beaded grip for maximum hold on your body. Conquer any challenge with the Torque tri suit!Fabric Content: 80% Polyester / 20% Spandex Torque Pro Specs: Hydrophilic Construction, .021 Drag Coeffecient and .5% Absorption Rate


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