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Buy TYR Women’s Hurricane Category 5 Wetsuit – Review

TYR Women's Hurricane Category 5 Wetsuit price

Review for TYR Women’s Hurricane Category 5 Wetsuit

The highest-end suit in the Hurricane series is defined by the finest fabrics available in the world. The outside of the TYR Women’s Hurricane Category 5 Wetsuit is made exclusively of the lightest Yamamoto Nano SCS rubber. The combination of super stretchy rubber with the soft jersey fabric on the interior makes for a superior fit and feel. The TYR Women’s Hurricane Category 5 Wetsuit is constructed using Yamamoto #39 neoprene throughout with strategically placed panels of superior grade Yamamoto #40 neoprene.


Buy Nike Women’s Far Out Cut-Out Tank Swimsuit – 2018 – Review

Nike Women's Far Out Cut-Out Tank Swimsuit - 2018 price

Review for Nike Women’s Far Out Cut-Out Tank Swimsuit – 2018

PERFORMANCE FIT. BOLD LOOK.The Nike Women’s Far Out Cut-Out One-Piece Swimsuit features minimal back coverage for a flattering look. Thin staps enhance range of motion while a streamlined fit reduces drag and increases efficiency in the water.MORE BENEFITS Ultra open back Thin crisscross straps for enhanced range of motion Low neckline Minimal coverage Ideal for outdoor practices and race days Fabric: 82% polyester / 18% spandex


Buy Orca Men’s 226 Perform Tri Race Suit – 2019 – Review

Orca Men's 226 Perform Tri Race Suit - 2019 price

Review for Orca Men’s 226 Perform Tri Race Suit – 2019

The 226 Perform Race Suit uses state-of-the-art Stretchskin technology to improve aerodynamics and provide you with necessary muscular compression. This tri suit also features a new adjustment system, laser cutting and thermo-sealing in the lower torso, and its Revolutional fabric allows quick drying, keeping you comfortable throughout the entire training session or race. In addition, its high-performance Italian-made Tri-Tech chamois helps you during the cycling component of the race, without limiting your movement as you run. Maximum performance in just one suit. Stretchskin – This state-of-the-art technological fabric adjusts to your body like a second skin in order to provide you with necessary muscular compression. The fabric’s hydrophobic treatment keeps the garment dry at all times, while providing UPF 50+ sun protection. Vapour-cool – This nanocrystal technology keeps your body cool and quickly wicks away sweat to keep you fresh and comfortable during the race. Tri-tech chamois – This 4 mm Italian-made Tri-Tech chamois with a density of 120Kg/m3 is high quality and high performance, providing you with unprecedented comfort. Storage – The new angled pockets located on the lower back have enough space to store all your food and keep it on hand for when you need it. In addition, the new mesh fabric prevents water pockets from forming. Thermo-sealed – The exclusive luxury thermo-seal technology allows the suit to adjust perfectly to your arms and legs, preventing any chafing.


Buy TYR Alliance 45L USA Print Backpack – 2018 – Review

TYR Alliance 45L USA Print Backpack - 2018 price

Review for TYR Alliance 45L USA Print Backpack – 2018

Built to last, TYR bags are engineered to carry and protect the essential gear swimmers need to perform. Always ready. 45L capacity Compression molded lumbar support Interior laptop sleeve Large, wet/dry compartment Large front pocket Large side pocket Side organizational pocket Suit hanger spring clips Mesh water bottle pocket Adjustable, padded shoulder straps Adjustable sternum strap with whistle 20″ H x 13.5″ W x 10.5″ D


Buy Zoot Mens TRIfit Mesh Top – Review

Zoot Mens TRIfit Mesh Top price

Review for Zoot Mens TRIfit Mesh Top

Zoot Men’s TRIfit Mesh Top has a looser fit, side stash pockets and Endura shoulder panels for sun protection. Endura shoulder panels for sun protection Side stash pockets 10″ cam lock zipper with soft finish zipper binding SeamLink stitch construction ensures next-to-skin comfort Ventilator Mesh and Endura HP fabrics


Buy DeSoto Women’s Riviera Bra Tri Top – 2016 – Review

DeSoto Women's Riviera Bra Tri Top - 2016 price

Review for DeSoto Women’s Riviera Bra Tri Top – 2016

Supportive yet not constricting top with two hidden pockets, ideal for carrying a gel pack on long races, a key, cash or credit card during training or racing. New, lower neckline is comfortable and flattering. Criss cross straps allow for maximum flexibility and mobility.This bra top is double lined for additional support and to eliminate opacity. Lycra finish around the neck and armholes provide additional comfort and style. Made with Forza Compressor and a body soft liner, and Microlock stitching.Forza Compressor – Forza Compressor lifts and supports muscles to dampen the vibration due to dynamic flexion and extension, as well as isometric flex during exercise. De Soto was the first company to produce compression garments in 1997. Since then we have offered Forza Products that have helped thousands of triathletes win as well as improve on their personal best. Research findings from extensive university studies show the Forza Compressor fabric used in our garments help to improve athletic performance by delaying the onset of fatigue by as much as 12%, and by giving an improved sense of body position. We assemble the garments of this fabric with proprietary articulated stitching techniques that maximize comfort and fit while minimizing constriction and drag. The result is the best fitting and highest quality product that money can buy. Consider each Forza garment as an “exterior ligament” for your body!This item is not designed for repeated use as a swim suit in a chlorinated pool.


Buy Nathan IceSpeed Insulated 18oz Handheld Bottle – 2017 – Review

Nathan IceSpeed Insulated 18oz Handheld Bottle - 2017 price

Review for Nathan IceSpeed Insulated 18oz Handheld Bottle – 2017

Don’t let freezing temperatures keep you inside this winter!Our best-selling grip-free handheld now comes with an IceCutter Cap with Blast Valve to prevent water from freezing in cold conditions. The fully adjustable hand strap works great with running gloves, plus there’s a hand warmer pocket that prevents the bottle from freezing. The large zipper pulls are easy to use with gloves, while the expandable front pocket is spacious enough to store most smartphones, plus gels, keys, ID, and other running essentials. 18 oz / 535 mL double-wall insulated and hi-viz reflective SpeedDraw Flask with IceCutter Cap with Blast Valve Hand warmer pocket prevents water from freezing Fully adjustable hand strap with thumbhole enables grip-free running Large, expandable, zippered pocket carries phone and small running essentials


Buy Nathan LightSpur – 2018 – Review

Nathan LightSpur - 2018 price

Review for Nathan LightSpur – 2018

Did you know that every 9 minutes a pedestrian is struck by a car? However, when you wear our Run Longer Light series, this allows each of us to effortlessly and safely extend our day to spend more time outside, with smart, compact, and easily configurable, high visibility clip-on lighting. No matter what time of day, get out there and get noticed. With the Nathan LightSpur, whether you’re running or biking, having this super secure and lightweight spur will help you been seen and stay safe. Quickly and securely attaches to heel of your shoe Super lightweight you don’t feel a thing Multi-setting for high visibility and added safety Waterproof so you can run longer in any weather Comes with two easy to replace watch batteries Water-resistant


Buy TYR Women’s Torque Pro Swimskin – 2016 – Review

TYR Women's Torque Pro Swimskin - 2016 price

Review for TYR Women’s Torque Pro Swimskin – 2016

The Women’s Torque Pro Swim Skins is your race day guardian angel. It is constructed with a slick, hydrophilic outer layer, so the water works with your suit, not against it. The result is an ultra low drag coefficient of .021 — the lowest in its class — which allows you to glide through the water with ease.Additionally, the SCSF6A womens triathlon suit has a hydrophobic inner layer with an impressively low .5% water absorption rate. In other words, this tri swimskin repels water to keep you light and dry from the inside, instead of weighing you down.Made with composite knit fabric, the Torque Pro offers a form fit for superior flexibility and freedom of movement. All TYR Torque Pro USAT legal suits are equipped with a coil zipper for a super quick transition, as well as secure beaded grip for maximum hold on your body. Conquer any challenge with the Torque tri suit!Fabric Content: 80% Polyester / 20% Spandex Torque Pro Specs: Hydrophilic Construction, .021 Drag Coeffecient and .5% Absorption Rate


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