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Buy Nathan LightSpur – 2018 – Review

Nathan LightSpur - 2018 price

Review for Nathan LightSpur – 2018

Did you know that every 9 minutes a pedestrian is struck by a car? However, when you wear our Run Longer Light series, this allows each of us to effortlessly and safely extend our day to spend more time outside, with smart, compact, and easily configurable, high visibility clip-on lighting. No matter what time of day, get out there and get noticed. With the Nathan LightSpur, whether you’re running or biking, having this super secure and lightweight spur will help you been seen and stay safe. Quickly and securely attaches to heel of your shoe Super lightweight you don’t feel a thing Multi-setting for high visibility and added safety Waterproof so you can run longer in any weather Comes with two easy to replace watch batteries Water-resistant


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