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Buy TYR Women’s Tracer 4″ Tri Short – Review

TYR Women's Tracer 4

Review for TYR Women’s Tracer 4″ Tri Short

Balanced surface pressure from the compression panels triggers the acceleration of blood flow increasing muscle fiber activity. Calendarization allows the fabric to warm the muscle groups quickly. The wicking properties then promote cooling, ultimately maintaining a constant body temperature. Tracer muscle compression technology reduces muscle undulation and focuses on the directional movement of the engaged muscle groups. Teflon coating throughout the fabric and stitching makes the garment hydrophobic and fast through the water. Quik Wik antimicrobial pad reduces water absorption.


Buy Castelli Men’s Body Paint 2 Tri Short – 2015 – Review

Castelli Men's  Body Paint 2 Tri Short - 2015 price

Review for Castelli Men’s Body Paint 2 Tri Short – 2015

Body Paint Tri fabric Single-piece construction eliminates seams KISS³ TRI seat pad is comfortable on the bike and disappears on the run Integrated leg band and GIRO++ elastic waistband Rear envelope pocket Speed Hooks to integrate to top (hooks allow Castelli tri tops to attach to the shorts so that your top won’t ride up on the bike)Like your Ironman preparation, the secret is in the details, such as the high UV protection of our Velocity fabric, which is white on the back to reflect more heat. We use our Free high-capacity yet aerodynamically optimized pockets, Speed Hooks on the top and short to keep the top from riding up and the shorts from sagging, and our universally acclaimed KISS³ infinitely variable-thickness quick drying seat pad.With reduced seams and integrated components like the leg gripper mean there is nothing to chafe. Body Paints technology reduces seams to an absolute minimum, making it ideal for long-distance racing.


Buy Orca Men’s 226 Tri Jersey – 2018 – Review

Orca Men's 226 Tri Jersey - 2018 price

Review for Orca Men’s 226 Tri Jersey – 2018

The 226 Mens Tri Jersey offers high performance for long distance racing. Using a mix of technical Stretchskin fabric for outstanding muscle support and improved aerodynamics with excellent UV protection, along with Vapor-Cool on the chest and underarms to naturally cool the body and promote fast wicking to keep you feeling drier longer in hot conditions. Three large rear pockets across the lower back gives plenty of room to store the nutrition you need within easy reach.Stretchskin This next-generation technical fabric fits the body like a second skin to offer outstanding muscle support and improved aerodynamics, along with exceptional breathability. Used on the sides, lower back, and shoulder panels it allows for quick drying and and excellent UV protection.Vapor-cool Used on the chest and underarm panels of the jersey, the nano-crystal technology with UPF50+ sun protection keeps the body cool and promotes fast wicking to keep you feeling drier in hot conditions.Storage Three large rear pockets across the lower back give you plenty of room to store the nutrition you need within easy reach in a position that minimizes bounce.


Buy Profile Design Vertex 80 Saddle with CrMo Rails – 2018 – Review

Profile Design Vertex 80 Saddle with CrMo Rails - 2018 price

Review for Profile Design Vertex 80 Saddle with CrMo Rails – 2018

Shell and foam profile designed to fit riders positioned on the saddle in an aggressive triathlon or TT position (78-820). The shortened length allows for more aggressive position while still complying with the UCI regulation. Triathlon specific saddle cut out featuring vents improving airflow while reducing perineal pressure. Integrated RM-P rear cage mount hydration system UCI legal length Short nose with deep channel for aggressive riding position Extended rail for increased adjustment CrMO rails Curved front shell designed to keep the bike on the rack in the most frantic transition areas Designed for riders with virtual seat tube angle at 78° or steeper Anti-slip microfiber cover to prevent movement on the saddle for a stable ride


Buy Garmin Heart Rate Monitor – Tri/Swim Bundle – 2019 – Review

Garmin Heart Rate Monitor - Tri/Swim Bundle - 2019 price

Review for Garmin Heart Rate Monitor – Tri/Swim Bundle – 2019

Unify Triathlon Training and Racing Designed for triathlete training and racing Stores and forwards heart rate data to compatible devices¹ Stores up to 20 hours of heart rate data.Enhance your triathlon experience by pairing HRM-Tri and HRM-Swim with Forerunner 920XT for a much more unified approach to training and racing. The non-slip HRM-Swim is perfect for pool swimming with wall push-offs. On land, in open water and for racing, use HRM-Tri’s ultra-soft strap that’s as comfortable out of water as it is underwater. Both store and forward heart rate data to Forerunner 920XT.Physical Specifications Unit dimensions (LxWxD): Tri: 23.5″-56.0″ x 1.2″ x 0.5″ (60.0 – 142.0 x 3.0 x 1.2 cm) Swim: 23.0″-57.0″ x 1.5″ x 0.5″ (58.0 – 145.0 x 3.8 x 1.2 cm) Weight:Module size: 29.4 x 51.4 x 8.5 mm Tri: 2.1 oz (59 g) Swim: 2.5 oz (72 g) Module weight:Size adjustment: Bi-fold Tri: 1.7 oz (49 g) Swim: 1.8 oz (51 g) Sizing range:Battery: CR2032 Tri: 23.5″-56.0″ (60.0 – 142.0 cm) Swim: 23.0″-57.0″ (58.0 – 145.0 cm) Battery life:Water rating: 5 ATM Tri: 10 months (Tri training 1 hour per day) Swim: 18 months (swimming 3 hours per week) Additional ANT+ heart rate: yes Supports heart rate variability and advanced heart rate features: yes 2.4 GHz ANT wireless communication protocol: yes Running dynamics: yes Stores and forwards heart rate: yes Swim interval heart rate statistics: yes Non-slip design for pool swimming: no (Tri), yes (Swim) Pool chemical resistent: no (Tri), yes (Swim)


Buy Orca SwimRun Extra Buoyancy Pad – 2019 – Review

Orca SwimRun Extra Buoyancy Pad - 2019 price

Review for Orca SwimRun Extra Buoyancy Pad – 2019

The perfect complement to your new Swimrun Perform and Swimrun RS1 wetsuits. It provides the extra buoyancy you need, when placed in your external pockets or used as a replacement for the padding of your Swimrun Perform or Swimrun RS1 wetsuits. This pad is designed with a low-density, high-elasticity material to provide the perfect combination of buoyancy and comfort. Buoyancy – The 10mm thick low-density foam compensates for the buoyancy lost by wearing shoes during the competition. Versatility – You can place the pad where you need it most. Thanks to its adaptability and soft touch, it prevents chafing without limiting your movement.


Buy 2XU Men’s V:1 Velocity Wetsuit – Review

2XU Men's V:1 Velocity Wetsuit price

Review for 2XU Men’s V:1 Velocity Wetsuit

The 2XU Men’s V:1 Velocity Wetsuit approaches the pinnacle in triathlon gear. Incorporating 4 new propriety creations from 2XU including High Velocity Strakes for improved hydrodynamics and increased forward motion, Aquatic Membrane Arms for neutral buoyancy and greater feel of the water, Concave Water Entrapment Zones on the forearm and finally our Propulsion Panel on the lower leg for greater power out of your kick. The 2XU Men’s V:1 Velocity Wetsuit also features our other propriety creations including the Rollbar, Floating Zip Panel and Transition Panels. BODY/CHEST Industry first Velocity Strakes, channel water for greater water stability resulting in less sideways movement inchoppy conditions. In still conditions offering a channeling water process for greater lift and cleaner water flow movement resulting in more speed through the water. Optimizing the maximum 5mm thickness allowed under the International Federation Rules, and incorporating 39 cell rubber – the most buoyant on the market due to the cell density (spec gravity=.13). Maximum buoyancy means less body in the water therefore less wetted surface area, and a faster overall speed through the water. Water is 1000 times denser than air, and has a drag coefficient 10 times greater than air. Buoyancy is the ultimate component of speed The 2XU Men’s V:1 Velocity Wetsuit utilizes Nano SCS giving the wetsuit an extra 4% in buoyancy over standard SCS. The underwater coefficient of dynamic friction of the SCS Nanoskin is 0.026 in comparison to 4.0 of regular neoprene. Less friction = more speed. 2XU have engineered a wetsuit with the optimum chest/ hip buoyancy balance. Synchronizing hip and chest buoyancy through the front panel cut Without this formula hip or chest submersion can occur throwing out your level body position and your stroke, bringing into play both inefficient technique and the usage of untrained muscles , bringing on quicker fatigue The hydrodynamic flow over the front of the wetsuit is interrupted by seams, so 2XU have a one piece design from the neck to the knee to reduce drag and increase speed through the water.ROLL BAR Industry first Roll Bar region improves the buoyancy in the core of the wetsuit. Better body position is delivered through maintained buoyancy when the body rolls off the front panel. This ultimately maintains higher body position (speed in water) and derives power from better positioned hips – enhancing the pull phase of the stroke.UNDERARM/LATERAL PANEL Utilizing new generation 1.5mm 40 cell neoprene the most flexible available on the planet. The main factor for underarm material selection is flexibility. The underarm is a key panel which dictates the degree of shoulder and arm movement , releasing the swimming stroke action, allowing a complete extension along the latissimus dorsi. Both the neoprene and inner lining materials have been selected for maximum flexibility 520% Stretch Neoprene with 4 way stretch. This is in turn complemented by the highly flexible hollow polyester fiber lining. The high stretch hollow polyester jersey inner lining of underarm, and shoulder panels of the 2XU swimsuit maintain flexibility and reduce weight. Our polyester lining in the important flexibility zones is 4% more flexible than the nylon alternatives. The comfortable inner layer does not reduce the flexibility of the outer neoprene skin, so your energy can be focused on swimming and not wasted working against restriction. Secondly the polyester is hydrophobic and repels water, reducing weight down the arms by absorbing 70% less water than nylon. The advanced material and construction of the 2XU underarm panel delivers maximum flexibility to enable the greatest range of arm extension, rotation, abduction and adduction. In short a full unrestricted range of arm movement.LEGS New and exclusive to 2XU are the Propulsion panels, establishing a greater frontal region due to internal neoprene strips, along with 2xus propriety Strakes for more grip on the water for more stabilised power from the kick. The upper leg region (of seamless front panel) are serviced by the most buoyant neoprene available – Nano SCS 5mm 39 cell neoprene. The lower legs have a reduced 3mm panel structure to help with the run up the beach and to remove the wetsuit with ease. Quick Release leg cut for faster suit removal.BACK PANELS (MAIN LATERAL AND LOWER BACK) Fundamental panels many other wetsuit brands underestimate. 2XU have engineered a back panel structure which is strong enough to contain the rigid zip, withstanding the punishment of constant use, but more importantly flexible enough to interact with the underarm panel, and allow the zip to float with body movement. This is achieved by the one piece floating zip panel, no seams so less restriction. The floating zip back panel enhances flexibility of our back panel which allows the zip (by construct non stretch) to move in partnership with the body, especially during the recovery and catch phase of the stroke when your arm moves through the largest motion from beside your hip to entering the water in front of you, requiring the wetsuit to stretch along your back and shoulder. The 2XU floating back panel also has the advantage of contributing to better expansion of the chest cavity, therefore reducing restriction to the breathing motion. The less flexible 5mm front flotation panel is complemented by the hyper flexible 1.5mm underarm panel and 3mm back panels to promote core expansion and breathing.SEAT AND CROTCH PANELS These two panels are all about maximising buoyancy, while having an anatomical fitting shape so water does not gather in this region. An ill fitted suit will allow the back up of water and increase in weight. We have used 39 cell SCS neoprene for maximum buoyancy allowed, and have also utilised a backing which will hold its shape and support in a region where most of the power in the stroke can come from. In utilizing materials which compress the muscles in the buttock and higher leg greater muscle stability reduces fatigue and allows the muscle to be primed for greater power output. Crotch panel also utilizes slightly thinner thickness to enhance the run up the beach by allowing more flexibility without sacrificing buoyancy.SHOULDER (AND EXTERIOR ARM) PANEL Utilizing hyper flexible yet buoyant 1.5mm 40 cell rubber with hydrophobic Polyester backing, the 2XU shoulder panel absorbs less water when the suit is submerged, with maximum stretch.LOWER ARM Industry first Aquatic Membrane – with neutral buoyancy, you will feel the water like never before in a wetsuit. Less energy is expended as you no longer have to push against the buoyancy of the neoprene in the catch phase of the stroke. Upper arm buoyancy and lower arm neutral buoyancy result in a higher elbow position which for an improved catch. CWEZ: Concave Water Entrapment Zone, industry first catch panel strips, maximizing feel of the water with extra water entrapment area, supplying more distance per stroke. The neckline must balance tension perfectly to minimize both water intake and chaffing This neckline solution is completed with an adjustable fastening collar system, allowing you to personalize the fit and maintain the perfect tension. Seamless front construction so less drag.INVISIBLE ZIP The 2XU zip is manufactured from reliable light and strong material, positioned behind the back panel lapels to reduce water intake and streamlined for speed.


Buy Nathan Hipster Racer Waist Pak – 2018 – Review

Nathan Hipster Racer Waist Pak - 2018 price

Review for Nathan Hipster Racer Waist Pak – 2018

The Hipster Racer is built for speed and comfort. This soft stretchy training pak has been updated with racing stripes to accentuate your race day mojo. Super soft stretch belt fits comfortably around your waist Includes pockets to fit all of your small essentials Fits up to an iPhone 6 Plus Sizing: S (29-31 inches), M (32-34 inches), L (35-37 inches), XL (38-40 inches)


Buy Pearl Izumi Men’s Pursuit Thermal Cycling Bib Tight – 2019 – Review

Pearl Izumi Men's Pursuit Thermal Cycling Bib Tight - 2019 price

Review for Pearl Izumi Men’s Pursuit Thermal Cycling Bib Tight – 2019

When the weather gets iffy the Men’s Pursuit Thermal Cycling Bib Tights are the solution. These warm, all-weather bib-tights are made for cool days. Constructed with Thermal Fleece fabric featuring water-shedding PI Dry technology, they are the perfect solution for cycling in cooler temperatures. ELITE AmFIB Softshell provides superior wind and water protection in key exposure areas Constructed leg articulation for a full range of motion Mesh bib upper provides stability and support ELITE Pursuit 1:1 Chamois with smooth, 4-way stretch top sheet and high density foam for all day comfort 7″ lower leg zipper with internal draft flap and zipper garage Reflective ankle zippers with garage at ankle for comfort BioViz reflective elements for low-light visibility BioViz Screaming color option for added daylight visibility 28″ inseam [size medium]


Buy Aqua Sphere Men’s Phantom Wetsuit – 2015 – Review

Aqua Sphere Men's Phantom Wetsuit - 2015 price

Review for Aqua Sphere Men’s Phantom Wetsuit – 2015

The Aqua Sphere performance wear range was developed in order to provide triathletes and open water swimmers the best training and performance wear engineered for an aquatic environment. This line features patented technologies that provide athletes with technique enhancing features. Aqua Sphere’s design team is focused to deliver the most comfortable, performance enhancing products. Bio-Stretch Zone Strategically placed 1mm Stretch Zone allows for the maximum range of motion Core Power System Internal Adjustable Belt Support Improves posture enhancing hip rotation and lengthens stroke Auto Positioning Sleeve 5mm Band Encourages high elbow position on pull phase of stroke Power Zone Strategically positioned sections of the forearm, externally coated with a super-stretch material engineered to increase traction during the pull phase of the stroke Grip Protection System is a specially designed fabric application that minimizes friction and creates a shield over the wetsuit in order to maximize the life of the suit Aqua Grip Cuff Specially designed seal around the wrist and ankle cuffs to keep water out Yamamoto #39 Yamamoto Neoprene offers the optimum balance of flexibility, reduced drag coefficient, and durability. The SCS coating offers the lowest drag coefficient available and maximizes speed Thermo-Guard Technology – provides warmth and maximum flexibility and range of motion in the shoulders, legs and chest


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