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Buy Fuel Belt Helium 2 Bottle Belt – Review

Fuel Belt Helium 2 Bottle Belt price

Review for Fuel Belt Helium 2 Bottle Belt

The Helium Fuel Belt is a technical breakthrough. Fuel Belt pulled out all the stops to deliver the most innovative design they’ve ever come up with. They built the Helium belt from the ground up, one innovative feature after another. The development process was long and arduous, but in the end, all great things are worth the wait…. Features: Breathable – New Helium 3-D Ventilated Foam Pads provide highest levels of breathability — keeping runners cool during training and racing. Elastic webbing has been greatly reduced, but still retains overall comfort of original Fuel Belts. Ergonomic – Ergonomically positioned Helium 3-D Ventilated Foam Pads enhance comfort and reduce heat build up. Velcro closure is narrower and conforms to the body’s natural shape. Lightweight – Bottle holster is lightweight, functional and provides easy in and out bottle access. Detachable race pocket is lightweight and keeps items dry and within reach. Colorful – Wide ranging color ways on the interior and exterior of Helium 3-D Ventilated Foam Pads. 3M Reflective piping provides highest level of visibility making you visible to oncoming headlights.


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