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Buy Zoot Women’s Z Force 3.0 Wetzoot Wetsuit – 2016 – Review

Zoot Women's Z Force 3.0 Wetzoot Wetsuit - 2016 price

Review for Zoot Women’s Z Force 3.0 Wetzoot Wetsuit – 2016

[AQUAlift] Aqualift provides maximum buoyancy raising your legs and torso in the water for increased power and speed. [DORSAlflex Zipper] 2mm of neoprene around the back zipper gives better stretch for improved lung expansion. No more traditional wetsuit restrictive fit, DORSAflex zipper allows the zipper panel to stretch with the body. [Optimal Kick Design OKD] OKD is leg patterning that makes a wetsuit work with your anatomy rather than fight it. OKD ensures increased kick velocity, frequency and efficiency. [Yamamoto Cell 39 Neoprene] Stretch and comfort come from this extremely lightweight and low-density rubber. Low density=maximum buoyancy=more speed. [Yamamoto 39 GLIDEflex] Grooved panels increase stretch for maximum lung expansion, shoulder rotation and extension [SCS] Super Composite Skin is a hydrodynamic coating that improves swimming speeds by reducing drag allowing the suit to glide through water more efficiently. Due to its ultra-low surface friction 0.032 SCS coating improves neoprene’s surface abrasion resistance, durability and strength. Single Layer comfort neck closureFabric: Front Body: 4mm Yamamoto SCS NANO C39 Center Chest: 3mm Yamamoto SCS GLIDEflex Back Body: 3mm Yamamoto SCS C39 Top Arm: 2mm Yamamoto SCS C39 Under Arm: 2mm Yamamoto to SCS C39 Front Leg: 4mm Yamamoto SCS C 39 Back Leg: 3mm Yamamoto SCS C39 Seat: 5mm Yamamoto SCS C39


Buy Nathan FlipStream Frosted Tritan 750ml Water Bottle – 2019 – Review

Nathan FlipStream Frosted Tritan 750ml Water Bottle - 2019 price

Review for Nathan FlipStream Frosted Tritan 750ml Water Bottle – 2019

Fill it and forget about it – until you need it! A spill proof, fast lock clip keeps fluids where they belong, while a push button, quick flip sip cap keeps it only a touch away. Push button, quick flip sip cap for easy drinking on the go Touch right base offers slip free gripping surface Leak and spill proof locking mechanism Iconic Nathan clip on performance carabiner BPA free Eastman Tritan with odorless and tasteless technology Dishwasher safe (top rack only) 750 ml capacity


Buy Shimano SH-TR70 Elite Triathlon Shoe – Review

Shimano SH-TR70 Elite Triathlon Shoe price

Review for Shimano SH-TR70 Elite Triathlon Shoe

Heat-moldable, Custom-Fit technology: a Shimano innovation Ultra-light uni-directional carbon sole for the perfect balance of strength, rigidity and maximum power transfer Structural, vented synthetic micro-fiber leather adds upper support Composite temperature control honey comb mesh Reinforced heel cup and outsole pads for added protection Addtional top-strap closure for added support and stability Oversize entry target strap design for fast transitions Seamless, quick-dry interior for comfort without socks Compatibility: Look, Speedplay, Dura-Ace, Time and SPD-SL


Buy Headsweats All Over USA Flag Hat – 2018 – Review

Headsweats All Over USA Flag Hat - 2018 price

Review for Headsweats All Over USA Flag Hat – 2018

Our popular performance USA Flag Race Hat is used by endurance athletes, runners, triathletes, rowers, hikers, and many more. Basically, if you like to lead an active lifestyle, this hat’s for you. With a blend of elegant design and technical innovation, these race hats provide a superior fit that make them the most comfortabe and best performance hats you will ever wear. The Eventure woven shell and Eventure terry sweatband create maximum airlfow and moisture transfer. Classic style, superior run-hat fit Eventure woven shell Eventure terry sweatband Flat front panel perfect for custom logo application Black undervisor to reduce glare Adjustable rear buckle with ponytail opening One size fits most Machine washable; air dry Does not shrink


Buy TYR Blackhawk Racing Polarized Goggle – 2019 – Review

TYR Blackhawk Racing Polarized Goggle - 2019 price

Review for TYR Blackhawk Racing Polarized Goggle – 2019

Armed with Speed. With cutting-edge design, fit and construction, TYR’s Blackhawk Racing Polarized Goggles are engineered to enhance every race. Polarized lenses – Lenses built to provide clarity, optical precision and comfort by filtering out 99.9% of surface glare Low profile design – Close fit designed to create minimal drag in competition Wide peripheral range – Increased viewing range for optimal sighting Durafit Silicone gaskets – Durable and hypoallergenic compression molded cushioning for a comfortable, watertight seal Removable nosebridges – 5 options for a customizable fit


Buy Zone3 The Next Step 3/2mm Buoyancy Shorts – 2019 – Review

Zone3 The Next Step 3/2mm Buoyancy Shorts - 2019 price

Review for Zone3 The Next Step 3/2mm Buoyancy Shorts – 2019

The Buoyancy Shorts were first developed by Zone3 back in 2007. The original invention of this product was made using a 5:3mm thickness combination of smoothskin material but due to overwhelming demand, Zone3 have now released a less buoyant design called ‘The Next Step’. This option is made from the same smoothskin material as the originals but with a 3:2mm thickness as opposed to the more buoyant 5:3mm. These shorts are aimed at those athletes looking to progress their swimming to the next level who are looking to further develop their technique and efficiency but don’t need as much core support.The original buoyancy shorts were designed to allow swimmers to see the improvement in their body position and technique after training with the 5:3mm support. However, some swimmers find the difference between 5:3mm buoyancy and zero buoyancy too much so the 3:2mm option is the perfect stepping stone.The product concept has eight years of fantastic customer reviews behind it. Our buoyancy shorts have helped thousands of swimmers to improve their body position in the water, together with their swim technique. They are designed to give an alternative to a pull buoy; giving the athlete extra core support but with a more natural feeling of buoyancy. The latest version of these shorts now includes a more comfort focused waistband and updated graphics. The thinner materials used in the 3:2mm design means they are more subtle to wear on poolside.The shorts are made from top quality smoothskin neoprene and are stitched and bonded just the same as a triathlon wetsuit. They are designed using 2mm neoprene down the centre and 3mm neoprene down the sides. The 2mm provides the additional buoyancy whilst the 3mm side panels complement this by promoting hip rotation through each stroke. For novice or intermediate level swimmers the major factor which prevents them from swimming faster is the lack of core stability and leg kick. Their arm strength and technique are good but because they are not horizontal on the top of the water they create a lot of drag and ‘dead weight’ which makes it much harder to swim efficiently. With the buoyancy shorts the swimmer can get more used to swimming in the correct horizontal and streamlined position, so they start to build a ‘neural pattern’ of how they should feel in the water. This also allows the swimmer to concentrate on making a more effective leg kick and better forward glide with each stroke, without that ‘sinking leg’ feeling. With the extra buoyancy support, the swimmer can also focus more on the technique of their arm stroke, without the constant battle to keep the hips and legs in a high position in the water. Results have shown that over time a swimmer’s body position, speed and endurance can be significantly increased by training with buoyancy shorts. Suitable for any level of triathlete who wants to refine their open water swimming technique whilst in a pool. Swimming in a wetsuit during a triathlon is very different to swimming without a wetsuit during a swimming race. The majority of your power needs to derive from your upper body whereas your legs and core provide the essential control. These shorts help develop your open water swimming technique whilst in the pool, where wearing a full wetsuit would either be too hot or banned by the life-guards. For use in open-water training or races as an alternative to swimming in a full wetsuit (when the weather is warm enough!). This product has received hundreds of positive reviews from swimmers who have seen significant improvements in body position, speed and endurance by training with buoyancy shorts. Despite the great feeling they give a swimmer in the water it’s best to only use these shorts during certain swim sets rather than the full session.


Buy Accelerade 30 Serving – Review

Accelerade 30 Serving price

Review for Accelerade 30 Serving

Protein-Powered Fuel:Accelerade, with its patented 4:1 ratio of carbs and protein, represents a dramatic departure from conventional carb-only sports drinks. Accelerade also demolishes the conventional dogma regarding the importance of protein to help fuel muscle cells and improve rehydration, the two essential criteria for a sports drink. More than 10 peer-reviewed studies have shown that, compared to a conventional carbohydrate electrolyte sports drink, Accelerade: · Increases endurance by 29% · Decreases muscle damage by 83% · Increases rehydration by 15% (and 40% more than water) · Increases endurance in a subsequent workout by 40% How Protein Enhances Athletic PerformanceThe introduction of Accelerade represented an important new chapter in the science of fueling and hydrate. Accelerade is the first sports drink that contains protein in a patented 4:1 carbohydrate-protein ratio. Protein-powered Accelerade in multiple studies was shown to have both synergistic effects with both carbohydrates and electrolytes as well as independent effects to enhance endurance and reduce fatigue. The carbohydrate composition found in Accelerade is different, consisting of 3 short-acting high-glycemic carbohydrates. Each of the carbohydrates uses a different transporter system, thereby increasing the amount of energy that is transported to muscles. And since the sugars are high-glycemic, energy delivery is not delayed by stomach absorption which means faster delivery. The protein in Accelerade, which contains a high percentage of branched chain amino acids reduces fatigue during exercise and also has a major impact on reducing muscle damage and speeding recovery after exercise. Although these endurance and recovery benefits would make protein-powered Accelerade an ideal choice for a sports drink. Accelerade is also a better rehydration drink. Just as carbohydrate activates an independent transporter system, so does protein. In fact, in a study comparing Accelerade to a carbohydrate-electrolyte sports drink, and to water, Accelerade was 15% more effective than Gatorade, and 37% more effective than water.


Buy Zoot Unisex CompressRx SS Top – Review

Zoot Unisex CompressRx SS Top price

Review for Zoot Unisex CompressRx SS Top

ZoneRx: Specific degrees of zoned compression, tuned to each muscle group. CRx: Graduated, for compressive action that speeds bloodflow back to the heart. SynchroRx: Lightweight PolyPro and anti-microbial Silver Tech work together for a comfortable, odor-free, lasting fit. Recently, Zoot finished a six-week study investigating the efficacy of its new compression line called CompressRX. CompressRX was developed in partnership with a leading medical compression company to provide the first-ever zoned-muscle and graduated-compression line. It is through current and past research that Zoot has set out to prove that CompressRX is a viable solution for multisport athletes as both a recovery and training tool. The use of compression garments in triathlon is becoming increasingly more common among athletes as the garments have been shown to promote everything from an increase in oxygenation to a decrease in recovery time. However, findings show that current sport-based compression provides similar ranges of compression compared to a traditional running tight. Zoots CompressRx provides a much higher and more controlled level of compression than that which is currently available. Our findings from the study indicate that differences can be observed in the areas of physiological, physical, performance, and perceived exertion measures in CompressRx. Furthermore, triathlon is a sport that requires hours of training and racing and is known to cause deep muscle damage as part of a normal training regimen. That being understood, the triathletes needs to avoid chronic muscle damage to maintain consistent training and racing, and the desire to reduce the recovery time associated with such training, suggests that CompressRx would be a viable solution.


Buy Sugoi Women’s RPM Tri Suit – 2018 – Review

Sugoi Women's RPM Tri Suit - 2018 price

Review for Sugoi Women’s RPM Tri Suit – 2018

Feature filled and value packed, high performance tri suit to take on your next race with great fit and comfort. Zone construction features Speed Mesh side panels for enhanced breathability Front zip for ventilation and racerback styling for increased comfort and support TriLite 3 chamois for lightweight comfort and support Self fabric folded hem band without silicone gripper Two easy access rear pockets for storing essentials


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