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Buy XLab Mini Wing 105 Rear Hydration System – 2019 – Review

XLab Mini Wing 105 Rear Hydration System - 2019 price

Review for XLab Mini Wing 105 Rear Hydration System – 2019

Low cost dual bottle carrier with NEW Italian-made cages. Featuring 60% more cage grip force than original model! Dual bottle system tucks neatly behind your saddle for easy access to hydration NEW upgraded Italian-made, XENON cages increase cage grip force by 60% over original model Mounts low to not hinder your ability to get on and off the bike First-time rear hydration system buyer? Mounts with a single screw for no-fuss install so you can self-install and quickly get on the road Ergonomically designed so you can easily access the bottle even with limited flexibility No trouble getting on and off the bike. The low mounting position provides enough clearance to easily swing your leg over the saddle Adjust bottle height by up to 1″ to perfectly position to your comfort level High-gripping XENON cages tout an 8 lb grip force within the ideal range of rear system grip force for worry-free bottle retention***Bottles not included***


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