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Buy Zoot Women’s 20″ SpeedZoot – Review

Zoot Women's 20

Review for Zoot Women’s 20″ SpeedZoot

The Zoot Women’s 20″ SpeedZoot is the definitive must-have technical garment. Zoot has added a calf-length version and upgraded the fabrics and patterning. This one-piece suit is a non-buoyant streamlining garment designed to be worn over race clothing and removed after the swim. Yamamoto SCS Nano finish is the most hydrodynamic coating available reducing drag of clothing BIOwrap construction, Dynamic X patterning and AQUOS fabric panels in front, back and legs supply muscle compression, stabilization and support for a streamlined fit 20″ inseam increases streamlining and support for longer swims Back zip with zipper pull for quick removal in transition


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