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Buy Orca Women’s RS1 SwimRun Wetsuit – 2018 – Review

Orca Women's RS1 SwimRun Wetsuit - 2018 price

Review for Orca Women’s RS1 SwimRun Wetsuit – 2018

The new RS1 SwimRun provides the ultimate solution for your SwimRun adventures. This evolution of the RS1 SwimRun wetsuit has improved buoyancy and flexibility, allowing you to focus on your challenge. The removable arms allow you to adopt your suit to the event temperature and the additional storage means less bulky equipment floating about.VERSATILITYRemovable neoprene arms. Front zip allows for a great swim and freedom on the run.FLEXIBILITY1.5mm thick neoprene shoulders, 2mm arm and crotch panels make this suit super flexy for not only the swim, but also the run so there is no bulky neoprene getting in the way of your stride.BUOYANCY9mm front leg panels provide the buoyancy required to be in the best swimming position in the water, with the 3 mm front and back panel for additional buoyancy and warmth.DURABILITYAnti-abrasion DuraSkin butt panel protects the suit if the inevitable slipping and sliding should happen.STORAGEHandy inner front pockets provide storage of race compulsories like GPS, as well as the new storage in the lower back for your other race essentials.


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