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Buy Louis Garneau Tri 400 Triathlon Shoe – 2018 – Review

Louis Garneau Tri 400 Triathlon Shoe - 2018 price

Review for Louis Garneau Tri 400 Triathlon Shoe – 2018

Triathlon shoes reach a new level of performance and comfort with the TRI-400 shoes. The Power Flex strap, a reversed velcro closure, is combined with the ultra-light BOA IP1 system for amazing support without pressure points. The Carbon HM X-Lite outsole with titanium inserts is ultra-light and rigid for better power transfer, and the 4.3 mm carbon platform brings your feet closer to the pedal for even more power. Inside the heel cup, the HRS-400 retention system with a 2 mm membrane holds the heel firmly in place, reducing loss of power and preventing blisters caused by the irritation of an awkward fit. The Ice Fil insole, mesh upper and patented air channel system provide the ventilation to keep your feet cool and dry.DETAILS: Reversed velcro closure with Power Flex system: Enhances support without pressure points New Carbon Composite HM X-Lite outsole: ultra light and rigid for better power transfer and through-and-through ventilation HRS-400 reinforced in cup with 2 mm membrane: Secures the heel in place, optimizes fit, and reduces loss of power from slippage Ice Fil inside heel cup BOA IP1 double rail quick attach system with micro adjustment both ways and easy release : Quick attach, distributed pressure and ultra light Microfiber and cycling mesh upper: Provides better support through a rigid upper One-way anti-slip spandex: Maintains heel in place Ice Fil Ergo Air Cool Stuff blue antibacterial insole: Reduces feet temperature and provides excellent ventilation Heel reflector: Improves visibility Cleat position indicator compatible with DURA-ACE, SPD-SL, TIME, LOOK and SPEEDPLAY cleats Shoe bag included Featherweight Approximate weight (size 42/1 shoe): 8.3 oz/235 g Racer Fit


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