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Buy Blackburn Mag 5 Trainer Kit – 2019 – Review

Blackburn Mag 5 Trainer Kit - 2019 price

Review for Blackburn Mag 5 Trainer Kit – 2019

EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO TRAIN TODAYStart training now with this complete trainer kit that includes our fantastic Tech Mag 5 trainer plus a trainer mat and block. The included Trainer Mat protects your floors from scratches and sweat. And the Trainer Block levels your bike for comfort and stability. No assembly required. Bike installation is simple and works with many wheels sizes from 26″ x 1″ to 29″ x 2.3″. 5 resistance settings and handlebar remote QR skewer included to minimize damage or scratching of original QR Fastcrank mounting system for quick instillation Folds flat making it easy to carry and store Includes Folding Mat, Trainer Block and QR skewer


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