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Buy Orca Wetsuit Cleaner – 2019 – Review

Orca Wetsuit Cleaner - 2019 price

Review for Orca Wetsuit Cleaner – 2019

Orca’s Wetsuit Cleaner is a water-soluble environmentally friendly cleaning product that has been specially developed to clean and sanitize neoprene products. This cleaner easily removes dirt and odor, organic residue, sunscreen and salt deposits to leave your clean wetsuit with a fresh scent. This cleaner also helps keep the neoprene supple and softer for longer – resulting in next-to-skin comfort and easier exit and entry of the suit. Our wetsuit cleaner is made of natural and biodegradable ingredients.Caring for the enviroment Orca conjures up the instinct and the boldness of a powerful ocean. Orca Wetsuit Cleaner is a concentrated cleaning product that calls to mind the natural, fresh sensation of the sea. What’s more, in line with the brand’s firm commitment to the planet, it is environmentally friendly. Manufactured with natural, biodegradable components, this product is gentle on your skin and on your sports equipment.A perfect finish This concentration reduces the abrasive effect of neoprene on the skin, minimizing the chance of any skin irritation. It will also help you put on your wetsuit faster and easier. Use it to effectively clean and sterilise both your wetsuit and your training and competition accessories, so that they remain just like new over time. Its new and improved formula does away with any type of dirt that could damage your wetsuit, from adverse weather conditions to external elements, such as sunscreen, urine or salt residue. Make your wetsuit last longer with one simple action!Easy to use This product is easy to use; just dilute it in warm water. You can use it with both hot and cold water. It easily eliminates impregnated dirt and bad odors. Your gear will preserve all its qualities and you only need to worry about doing your best in competition.


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