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Buy CycleOps Mag+ Trainer with Remote Adjuster – 2019 – Review

CycleOps Mag+ Trainer with Remote Adjuster - 2019 price

Review for CycleOps Mag+ Trainer with Remote Adjuster – 2019

Turn your bike into more than a fair-weather friend with the help of a Mag+ trainer.The perfect solution to getting in a ride when it’s too cold, wet or dark to go outside, the Mag+ sets up quickly and easily for on-the-spot spins.True, riding outside is everyone’s preference, but riding inside is better than not riding at all. To make it more life-like, the Mag+ has five adjustable levels of linear resistance to accommodate your workout.The Mag+ also includes a bar-mounted remote shifter for changing resistance levels while you ride.Like all of our CycleOps trainers, the Mag+ comes with a lifetime warranty, so you’ll never need to purchase another trainer.It also features the same sturdy, steel construction and safety features of all of our trainers so you can ride worry-free.When you invest in a Mag+ you’re investing in life-long health. Guaranteed. Redesigned five-position varied resistance adjustment makes it easy to vary your workouts Comes with a handlebar-mounted shifter


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