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Buy Spinervals UltraConditioning 4.0 – Ultra Upper Body – Review

Spinervals UltraConditioning 4.0 - Ultra Upper Body price

Review for Spinervals UltraConditioning 4.0 – Ultra Upper Body

This workout combines a leg speed and power focus on the bike with an UPPER BODY strength and endurance building routine OFF the bike. Now you can improve your functional strength and conditioning for better overall muscle tone and athletic performance with Coach Troy Jacobson’s Spinervals UltraConditioning Workouts! Spinervals UltraConditioning is a series of workouts on DVD combining the cardiovascular benefits of indoor cycling with the very best in Strength and Conditioning exercises. Each workout focuses on a specific area of cycling performance and muscular strength development. Include UltraConditioning workouts into your training program for the ULTIMATE fitness program! Spinervals UltraConditioning 4.0 – Ultra Upper Body, targets UPPER BODY MUSCLE STRENGTH AND ENDURANCE DEVELOPMENT while improving your PEDALING SPEED AND POWER. Combining the benefits of indoor cycling with traditional muscle strength and endurance training is a great way to maximize your training time and effectiveness. In this workout routine, Coach Troy trains you to boost your legs speed and power output on the bike while simultaneously enhancing your upper body muscle tone, strength and endurance. Integrated into a well-designed, comprehensive training routine, this workout and others in the UltraConditioning series will take your fitness to a new level! * Compatible with stationary bikes and all stationary trainers * Has a ‘music on/music off’ option allowing you to listen to your own music * DVD only * Length: 70 minutes * Difficulty level: 9.2 WORKOUT OVERVIEW This workouts contains about 50% of CYCLING FOCUS and 50% STRENGTH TRAINING FOCUS and is for intermediate and advanced exercisers. * Accessories used in this workout: Stability ball * Mat * A range of dumbbells The UltraConditioning Concept was developed by Troy Jacobson, a top coach and creator of the world renowned Spinervals Cycling Program. For more information about his high performance products and services, visit


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