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Buy Nathan 18 oz. ExoDraw 2 Insulated Handheld – 2019 – Review

Nathan 18 oz. ExoDraw 2 Insulated Handheld - 2019 price

Review for Nathan 18 oz. ExoDraw 2 Insulated Handheld – 2019

Featuring the same great hand-feel, this slosh-reducing, super efficient handheld now features insulated hydration to keep runners cooler, longer. 18 oz. BPA-Free insulated Soft Flask with bite valve Insulated properties keep fluids cooler 38% longer than non-insulated soft flasks The rigid ExoSpine creates superior hand feel and support for the soft flask Ergo-designed hand strap provides grip-free comfort, and maximizes running efficiency Soft flask can be easily removed from sleeve, and used in Nathan hydration vest pockets Breathable wicking mesh under hand position provides superior grip Expandable stash pocket for essentials


Buy 2XU Men’s G2 Accelerate Compression Tight with Storage – 2019 – Review

2XU Men's G2 Accelerate Compression Tight with Storage - 2019 price

Review for 2XU Men’s G2 Accelerate Compression Tight with Storage – 2019

The Accelerate Compression Tights with Storage deliver powerful, targeted compression to support muscles and reduce fatigue, damage and the risk of injury. Graduated compression promotes circulation for an efficient warm-up and a faster recovery post-exercise. Designed with a mesh gusset for better breathability during workouts, an added pocket to hold the essentials and a jacquard waistband for unrivaled comfort, these tights are the ideal training base layer. Compression support to adductors, glutes, quadriceps, hamstrings and calves to reduce muscle vibration PWX 70D front panel for heightened flexibility and PWX 105D back panel for greater coverage Graduated compression increases blood circulation for improved recovery and reduced muscle stiffness post-exercise 2XU jacquard waistband for comfort Flatlock seams to reduce chafe 3D mesh crotch for better breathability and added comfort Added pocket to hold the essentials Polygiene for lifetime antibacterial and odor protectionCOMPRESSION BENEFITS Reduced muscle fatigue and soreness Reduced muscle damage and risk of overuse injuries Improved performance and muscle alignment Increased agility Faster recovery


Buy Gu Brew Canister (24 Servings) – Review

Gu Brew Canister (24 Servings) price

Review for Gu Brew Canister (24 Servings)

GU Brew focuses more on hydration and less on carbohydrate delivery, offering 70 calories per serving. This 3% carbohydrate solution provides added flexibility to the athlete. Mix it as instructed for rapid absorption or combine with your favorite GU/Roctane gel for increased energy density during longer workout days. For athletes looking for a more energy dense carbohydrate solution, try Roctane Energy Drink.Hydration before exercise:To ensure proper pre-exercise hydration, consume approximately 16-24 oz. (470-720 ml) of GU Electrolyte Brew within an hour of the start of your workout.Rehydration during exercise:Fluid replacement should approximate sweat and urine losses during exercise and is dependent on many environmental factors. Generally, it is required to consume 7-10 oz. of fluids (200-300 ml) every 10 to 20 minutes during exercise, but specific individual recommendations are based on exercise duration, sport dynamics, sweat rates, and individual tolerance.Rehydration after exercise:Rehydration after exercise should aim to correct fluid loss accumulated during exercise. Depending on one’s exercise duration and intensity, replace the electrolyte losses from sweat by consuming GU Brew and jump start protein syntheses with the help of GU Recovery Brew.


Buy XLab Sonic Wing – 2018 – Review

XLab Sonic Wing - 2018 price

Review for XLab Sonic Wing – 2018

The new and highly anticipated XLab Sonic Wing is here!! Cervlo Specific Alloy Rear Hydration Carrier. You know those mysterious two holes in a Cervlo seatpost? Well, this Carrier will fit in there, a nice tight fit. Is compatible with the Cervlo P2Cs, P3Cs and P4Cs. Consider also the Carbon Sonic for XLAB’s carbon version. Don’t buy other Cervlo specific rear hydration carriers. Why? For all the reasons you will read about below. Plus, don’t forget our business is the Hydration and Storage business and nothing else. Trust the professionals that are dedicated to your Hydration and Storage needs. Our carriers are Wind Tunnel Proven and owned by World Champions. They are proven to be the most aerodynamic and versatile in the market today…period. Can be inverted for a lower position on the saddle, or keep it upright for a low drag higher position. Has 30 different positions available, so that you can have a custom fit position that is both comfortable and aerodynamic. 3 different carrier angles and 5 different bottle angles for each position. Because the carrier fits on the seat post we have not discovered any seats that you cannot use including the long Fizik, SMP, Selle Italia, Selle San Marco, Terry and others. Gorilla Cages not included


Buy 2XU Men’s X-Vent 7″ Tri Short – 2017 – Review

2XU Men's X-Vent 7

Review for 2XU Men’s X-Vent 7″ Tri Short – 2017

GAME ON. When you are looking for that competitive edge, our COMPETE range of products are designed with superior technology advancements combined with our high performance fabrics to take you to the next level. SBR POWER FABRIC WITH SENSOR MESH Utilising 70D Elastane yarns for extra power to help reduce fatigue and hold muscles in place for greater power. Nylon yarns for extra cooling to help you perform longer and stronger in all conditions. ERGONOMIC ENGINEERED PANELING Perform at your best with a premium fit and supportive waistband. LD CHAMOIS, FLATLOCK SEAMS & Y ELASTIC GRIP Get built in comfort that won’t chafe with added security. REAR POCKETS


Buy Castelli Women’s Short Distance Tri Race Suit – 2019 – Review

Castelli Women's Short Distance Tri Race Suit - 2019 price

Review for Castelli Women’s Short Distance Tri Race Suit – 2019

GO SHORT AND FASTThis is the suit for sprint and Olympic distance racing, especially with non-wetsuit swims. This suit features water-repellent fabrics for faster swim times, and we’ve stripped it down to eliminate pockets for shorter races where you don’t want anything to get between you and victory. SpeedFreak Dry water-repellent upper fabric Instadry Speed fabric on short is fast in the swim with minimal water absorption Rear 30cm YKK zipper Soft-finish armholes to reduce chafing Minimalist seat liner for comfort on bike GIRO Air leg gripper elastic


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