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Buy Quality 12-1/2×2-1/4 SCHRADER – Review

Quality 12-1/2x2-1/4 SCHRADER price

Review for Quality 12-1/2×2-1/4 SCHRADER

Tube, 12″-1/2 x 2-1/4″ Kids, Youth, Stroller or childs bicycle with the same tire dimensions Be sure the tire bead is seated evenly all around the rim by first adding a little air to the tire, checking the bead on both sides and if beaded properly continue filling air to the correct pressure as stated on the tire. For the health of your tire and tube always maintain the proper air pressure. See the side of your tire for minimum and maximum pressures. This inner tube can handle any air pressure that is designated on your bicycle tire. Schrader Valve


Buy Zipp QuickView TT Computer Mount – 2019 – Review

Zipp QuickView TT Computer Mount - 2019 price

Review for Zipp QuickView TT Computer Mount – 2019

Securely places vital ride info where you need itZipp delivers an uncomplicated computer mount for aero-bar extensions that’s easy to install, lightweight and above all vibration and slip free. The 22.2mm industry standard quarter-twist mount installs simply and securely on aero extensions. It allows you to read your head unit easily while in your aero tuck. The Zipp QuickView TT Computer Mount is aerodynamically shaped for left-side installation, but also can be installed on the right bar extension. Comes with single Torx T25 bolt, flexible mounting clamp and ΒΌ twist mount.Note: this will only work with 1/4 turn compatibile mounts 500 and 800 series – you will need the adaptor for older slide mounts 600 & 700 series.


Buy Aqua Sphere Ear Plugs & Nose Clip Set – 2019 – Review

Aqua Sphere Ear Plugs & Nose Clip Set - 2019 price

Review for Aqua Sphere Ear Plugs & Nose Clip Set – 2019

Aqua Sphere Ear Plugs & Nose Clip Set features: Ear Plugs Ergonomic design for left and right ears provides optimal fit Dual density construction offers the maximum in comfort Lanyard included for easy storageNose Clip Dual Material offers a secure, comfortable fit Built in flex zones adapt to various sizesComes with durable, reusable case.


Buy Orca Men’s Core Tri Short – 2019 – Review

Orca Men's Core Tri Short - 2019 price

Review for Orca Men’s Core Tri Short – 2019

The Core Tri Short is designed with high-quality Italian eco-friendly fabrics, made from recycled nylon. Comfort and speed in both running and cycling, the Italian-made Tri-tech chamois lets you pedal with ease, while the elastic grip keeps shorts in place at all times. Long life fabrics – The long-lasting Italian fabric is made from LYCRA XTRA LIFETM, providing greater wear resistance. The perfect fabric for long distance races and training. Aquastretch – This lightweight fabric provides fast wicking and incredible breathability, while its Orca Enduro water repellent coating improves glide during the swim. Eco-friendly – The fabric is made from 80% recycled nylon. Tri-tech chamois – Popular 4mm Italian Tri-Tech chamois, with 120kg/m3 density, provides greater comfort on the bike, along with faster wicking. Storage – Rear center pocket gives ample room to store your nutrition for easy access. Elastic grip – The elastic grip at the bottom keeps the pants in place, providing unparalleled comfort.


Buy Louis Garneau Women’s Athena Jersey – Review

Louis Garneau Women's Athena Jersey price

Review for Louis Garneau Women’s Athena Jersey

Named for the Goddess of Wisdom, the Athena Jersey is a wise choice for multi-season workouts. From the reflective touches to the fabric’s heavy duty, light weight thermal qualities, the Athena will keep you warm and seen. Elite ProVent fabric traps heat to keep your ride from ending early Three back pockets for all your essentials Reflective logos increase your visibility to motorists


Buy Orca Men’s Core Tri Tank – 2018 – Review

Orca Men's Core Tri Tank - 2018 price

Review for Orca Men’s Core Tri Tank – 2018

This sleeveless maillot is the perfect complement to your two-piece gear. Comfortable and breathable, it keeps you cool during long hours of training and competition. You can also carry everything you need, such as nutrition bars and gels, in its rear pockets. Made with environmentally friendly, resistant materials, it will keep you comfortable throughout the entire competition.Long life fabrics The long-lasting Italian fabric is made from LYCRA XTRA LIFE, which gives it greater resistance to wear. It’s the perfect fabric for long-distance competition and training.Aquastretch This lightweight fabric dries quickly and provides greater breathability, while its skin repels water. Orca Enduro makes it easier to glide through the water when swimming.Vapor side panels Combined with a rear Soft Mesh panel, the Vapor side panels offer greater breathability and comfort where you need it the most.Eco-friendly The fabrics are made from 80% recycled nylon.Storage The rear pockets have all the space you need to carry your nutrition bars and have them close at hand for when you need them.


Buy Blue Seventy Men’s Axis Full Sleeve Wetsuit – Review

Blue Seventy Men's Axis Full Sleeve Wetsuit price

Review for Blue Seventy Men’s Axis Full Sleeve Wetsuit

Introducing, the Blue Seventy Men’s Axis Full Sleeve Wetsuit. With over 85% of triathlon competitors coming from a running, cycling or other sport background, Blue Seventy recognizes that many athletes possess a denser leg make up due to well-exercised and established thigh muscles and dense calves. Heavier legs leave the majority of triathletes at a distinct disadvantage in the first discipline. With the Blue Seventy Men’s Axis Full Sleeve Wetsuit, Blue Seventy’s goal is to give the world a faster swimming experience, so the Axis suit has been developed with the focus on centralizing buoyancy and balancing out the buoyancy zones. The body has a large buoyancy zone in the torso, two big air bags we know as the lungs! With such substantial natural flotation it makes sense for those with a buoyancy centered on the upper body, to focus the additional suit buoyancy in the lower extremities. With the Blue Seventy Men’s Axis Full Sleeve Wetsuit, that’s just what they did. By placing higher buoyancy materials in the hips, thighs and lower leg the goal of Balanced Buoyancy is achieved. By increasing the height of the lower body and lifting the legs and hips, the body is in a more streamlined position allowing for a more efficient swim stroke. Blue Seventy Men’s Axis Full Sleeve Wetsuit Features: Balanced Buoyancy for increased body alignment and performance delivered through anatomically located blue seventy ‘molecular neoprene’, designed to deliver superior buoyancy over typical neoprene Increased feel of the water and propulsion with forearm propulsion panels Anatomically correct 380-flex reach panels for maximum flexibility and arm detachment from the main body Low friction neck to promote comfort and increase sighting comfort Easy release ankle system for faster transitions


Buy Zoot Men’s 20″ SpeedZoot – Review

Zoot Men's 20

Review for Zoot Men’s 20″ SpeedZoot

The Zoot Men’s 20″ SpeedZoot is the definitive must-have technical garment. Zoot has added a calf-length version and upgraded the fabrics and patterning. This one-piece suit is a non-buoyant streamlining garment designed to be worn over race clothing and removed after the swim. HydroCell SCS (Super Composite Skin) finish – the same as is used on Zootsports Wetsuits, is the most hydrodynamic wetsuit coating available SCS coating outside – reduces drag of skin and clothing by 97% CoF is .026 – compared to traditional neoprene CoF of 4.0) Smooth nylon jersey inside with water-repellent coating – so your suit doesnt absorb any water. AQUOS double layer – lightweight mesh panels in front, back, and legs supply muscle compression, stabilization, and support for an exact and streamlined fit BIOwrap construction 9 (23cm) inseam for sprint races 20 (51cm) inseam increases streamlining and support for longer swims Sturdy 14 #5 coil zipper with top zipper garage – for fast comfortable swims and easy transitions Back zip with 14 (35.6cm) zipper pull for quick removal in transition


Buy Sugoi Men’s RS Century Zap Jersey – 2017 – Review

Sugoi Men's RS Century Zap Jersey - 2017 price

Review for Sugoi Men’s RS Century Zap Jersey – 2017

Adventure seekers apply here. Your all day, self supported ride jersey with maximum stow pockets and visibility to stay out longer. An intelligent mix of mesh and Icefil fabrics – Icefil technology, pulls moisture away from the skin, reacts with body heat to cool skin temperature and protect from harmful UV rays. Zap stripe across chest and on rear pockets – Garments with Zap technology are designed to be visible within a critical detection distance of 140 meters (based on a vehicle travelling at 80 kph/50 mph). Zap garments exceed the High Visibility Clothing Certificate Standard. 4th rear pocket zips closed for added security Side hip zip pockets for more stowage


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