Buy Soleus GPS Draft 1.0 Bike Computer – Review

Soleus GPS Draft 1.0 Bike Computer price

Review for Soleus GPS Draft 1.0 Bike Computer

Since the beginning, Soleus has been dedicated to providing the most accurate, comfortable, and insight-driven running instruments on the market — And now we are taking on cycling. Transpiring our core principles of providing simple, intuitive, easy to use functions, packaged in bold colors. At Soleus, we believe grabbing life by the handlebars applies to more than just your ride; it’s a lifestyle. With our new GPS Draft we can help you make the most of every workout. Simple to use, GPS Draft houses a high sensitivity GPS receiver that allows you to track your journey alongside a USB data upload cable that allows you to easily upload to your workouts. 30 ride files storage, current/average/max speed calculations, auto calendar, and 5 programmable alarms make sure you never forget where you have been. While water-resistance and EL backlight with night mode make sure you get there.The Soleus Draft GPS is compatible with Strava GPS Receiver Speed Distance Convertible Display 5 Alarms Calories Burned 1/100 Sec Chronograph USB Data Upload 30 Ride x 100 Lap Data Storage Auto Calendar Rechargeable Battery EL Backlight Bike Mount Kit 10M Water Resistant


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