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Buy Aqua Sphere Women’s Racer Wetsuit – 2018 – Review

Aqua Sphere Women's Racer Wetsuit - 2018 price

Review for Aqua Sphere Women’s Racer Wetsuit – 2018

Speed, buoyancy, flexibility, and warmth are all achieved excellently in the Racer wetsuit. Uninhibited range of motion thanks to Bio-Stretch technology and proper technique enhancement with the Auto Positioning sleeve, make this wetsuit a top performer. Bio-Stretch Zone: Strategically placed 1mm stretch zone – allows for max range of motion 5mm Aqua Drive core body panel maximizes buoyancy and reduces drag Aqua-Grip cuffs and Aqua-Flex collar seal to keep water out Quick-release ankle transition panels 5mm Thermo-Guard core body panel to retain body heat Power-Zone forearm panels increase traction during the pull phase of your stroke Super stretch, SCS-Coated Yamamoto 39 Neoprene Quick-drying 100% UV protection Easy-pull deep back zipperTechnologies & Materials: Aqua Drive Core: 5mm Bio-Stretch Zone: 2mm Material: SCS-Coated Yamamoto 39 Neoprene


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