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Buy Orca Women’s Core Tri Short – 2018 – Review

Orca Women's Core Tri Short - 2018 price

Review for Orca Women’s Core Tri Short – 2018

The Core Tri Short trousers are designed with high-quality and environmentally friendly Italian fabrics made from recycled nylon. Comfort and speed during the footrace and on the bicycle, the Italian Tri-tech chamois provides greater comfort while you pedal and the elastic grip keeps the trousers in place at all times.Long life fabrics The long-lasting Italian fabric is made from LYCRA XTRA LIFE, which gives it greater resistance to wear. It’s the perfect fabric for long-distance competition and training.Aquastretch This lightweight fabric dries quickly and provides greater breathability, while its skin repels water. Orca Enduro makes it easier to glide through the water when swimming.Eco-friendly The fabrics are made from 80% recycled nylon.Tri-tech chamois The popular 4-mm Italian Tri-Tech chamois with a density of 120 kgs/m3 will provide the greatest comfort available on the bicycle while still drying fast.Storage You can store the nutritional provisions you need in the rear center pocket.Elastic Grip The elastic grip at the bottom keeps the trousers in place, providing unrivaled comfort.


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