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Buy Pearl Izumi Women’s Vertex MicroSensor Jersey – Review

Pearl Izumi Women's Vertex MicroSensor Jersey price

Review for Pearl Izumi Women’s Vertex MicroSensor Jersey

The new Vertex jersey, inspired by our award winning shorts, has ergonomic panels to increase comfort and mobility. MircoSensor fabric Direct vent mesh Ergonomic Full Length side panel Hidden back pocket + 3 elastic pockets


Buy TYR Flex Frame Swim Mask for Smaller Faces – 2016 – Review

TYR Flex Frame Swim Mask for Smaller Faces - 2016 price

Review for TYR Flex Frame Swim Mask for Smaller Faces – 2016

Do what you love with the Flex Frame Small Swim Mask.Featuring an extremely flexible frame, the molding capabilities of the Flex Frame Mask fit various facial types. The LGFFSJ also provides wide peripheral vision for excellent siting, and it is engineered with Polycarbonate lenses for maximum strength and clarity with minimal bulk.Featuring a silicone gasket for a watertight seal, speed adjustment for quick and easy sizing and a unibody design, this junior swimming mask is perfect for recreation. Speed Adjustment: Simple and secure release button allows for quick and easy strap adjustment Unibody design accommodates various facial types Smaller fit for smaller faces


Buy 2XU Men’s Long Distance Tri Singlet – Review

2XU Men's Long Distance Tri Singlet price

Review for 2XU Men’s Long Distance Tri Singlet

This popular Singlet has been refined with 70D Kinetic Speed side panels to offer better aerodynamics than ever before. Engineered for long and short course racing, this Long Distance Tri Singlet represents the perfect balance of speed and comfort. With 2XU’s quick drying and body cooling ICE X fabric, ventilation is optimized while 2XU’s 70D Kinetic Speed fabric provides moisture management and optimal speed on the bike. Team with the MT2259b Long Distance Tri Short for a winning ensemble.ICE X – Through the use of Xylitol and IR blocking, 2XU has engineered a fabric for endurance events like no other. Xylitol is embedded in the yarn of the fabric to draw heat from the body and IR blocking inhibits penetration of infrared rays to lower skin temperature by up to 5.4 degrees F. The application of ICE X to polyester/elastane delivers heightened moisture management whilst high filament yarns and a higher gauge knit are utilized for a lighter, breathable fabric which also delivers compressive pressure. Front Semi-Lock Zipper Rear Pockets ICE X 70D Kinetic Speed


Buy Speedo Women’s Fastskin Xenon Full Sleeve Wetsuit – 2019 – Review

Speedo Women's Fastskin Xenon Full Sleeve Wetsuit - 2019 price

Review for Speedo Women’s Fastskin Xenon Full Sleeve Wetsuit – 2019

Balanced buoyancy for maximum propulsionThe Xenon range packs features into a wetsuit developed to boost performance, with core propulsion.Achieve peak performance on race day. Get ready to set new PRs in a wetsuit constructed from a highly buoyant neoprene. This drag-reducing suit features core stabilization to promote a more efficient stroke and neoprene panels that offer ultimate flexibility and adjust your swimming position. Special coating keeps the suit from sticking to your skin and a comfortable collar holds tight while still reducing chafing. Y39 (Yamamoto 39 cell neoprene rubber) – The most buoyant foam existing, which provides the highest lift to the body, thus minimizing the form drag created by the immersed body. Yamamoto SCS (Super Composite Skin) – Advanced surface coating reduces water friction during the swim. Maximotion+ – Continuous and extensive 1.5mm neoprene panels for supreme flexibility for your stroke. Core Stabilizer – Reinforces the core, enhancing the connection from the torso to the upper and lower body, to promote a more efficient stroke. Body Positioning Regulator – Thicker panels strategicaly placed for more buoyancy and perfect adjustment of your swim position. Fuse Neck – Double sided SCS collar construction for a water tight neck and extreme comfort.


Buy Orca Women’s Core Tri Short – 2019 – Review

Orca Women's Core Tri Short - 2019 price

Review for Orca Women’s Core Tri Short – 2019

The Core Tri Short is designed with high-quality Italian eco-friendly fabrics, made from recycled nylon. Comfort and speed in both running and cycling, the Italian-made Tri-tech chamois lets you pedal with ease, while the elastic grip keeps shorts in place at all times. Long life fabrics – The long-lasting Italian fabric is made from LYCRA XTRA LIFETM, providing greater wear resistance. The perfect fabric for long distance races and training. Aquastretch – This lightweight fabric provides fast wicking and incredible breathability, while its Orca Enduro water repellent coating improves glide during the swim. Eco-friendly – The fabric is made from 80% recycled nylon. Tri-tech chamois – Popular 4mm Italian Tri-Tech chamois, with 120kg/m3 density, provides greater comfort on the bike, along with faster wicking. Storage – Rear center pocket gives ample room to store your nutrition for easy access. Elastic grip – The elastic grip at the bottom keeps the pants in place, providing unparalleled comfort.


Buy Triathlon Transitions – Review

Triathlon Transitions price

Review for Triathlon Transitions

Considered the fourth sport in triathlon, transitions can make or break your race. Learn essential training techniques and drills to improve your transition times from swim-bike and bike-run. Even if you are a novice level racer, there is no reason why you cant learn, practice and master transitions like a pro. Includes tips from elites Joanna Zeiger, Conrad Stoltz, Karen Smyers, Greg Bennett, Matt Reed and more! Features: Pre-Race Preparation Swim to Bike (T1) Bike to Run (T2) Practice Sessions: Pushing from Saddle Scooter Drill Running Mount/Dismount Speed Work DVD-ROM Material: Transitions Tip Sheet Equipment Checklist Special Offers


Buy Aqua Sphere Kayenne Lady Goggles With Clear Lens – 2019 – Review

Aqua Sphere Kayenne Lady Goggles With Clear Lens - 2019 price

Review for Aqua Sphere Kayenne Lady Goggles With Clear Lens – 2019

The Aqua Sphere Kayenne Lady Goggles with Clear Lens opens up the playing field quite literally. Oversized lenses with Aqua Sphere’s patented curved lens technology gives you style while providing an undistorted, expanded, 180-degree field of vision. An all new super slim microframe keeps the goggle close to the face for superior, low-drag hydrodynamic performance. The Aqua Sphere Kayenne Lady Goggles feature an updated one-touch buckle that makes fitting easier than ever. Pair these new technologies with Aqua Spheres standard UV protection, leak resistance, anti-fog and scratch resistant lenses, and the Aqua Sphere Kayenne Lady Goggles are easily the most superior performance swim goggle available. Aqua Sphere Kayenne Lady Goggles with Clear Lens Features: Sized for Women Anti-fog and scratch-resistant lens Comfortable, leak resistant seal 4-Point expanded vision Hydrodynamic micro-frame Quick-Fit one-touch buckles


Buy Garmin USB Ant Stick – 2019 – Review

Garmin USB Ant Stick - 2019 price

Review for Garmin USB Ant Stick – 2019

Wirelessly transfers data to computer. Simply plug the stick into your computer’s USB port, and it will automatically receive your activity data when your compatible fitness device is within range.PC Requirements: Windows XP, Vista, 7 or 8 (except for WIN8 RT)Mac Requirements: Mac OS X10 or above


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