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Buy Bell Star Pro Shield Helmet – 2015 – Review

Bell Star Pro Shield Helmet - 2015 price

Review for Bell Star Pro Shield Helmet – 2015

A full commitment to speed and efficiency means never having to compromise. That’s the idea behind the Star Pro, a game-changing aero road helmet that gives riders the power to optimize performance on the fly in ever-changing race situations. Switch from full ventilation on climbs to wind-slicing aerodynamics in the sprints and flats. With its groudbreaking Active Aero technology, which can be engaged with the simple slide of a button, the Star Pro is engineered to be super fast and super comfortable.SIZING: S: 52-56cm, M: 55-59cm, L: 58-62cm Active Aero Technology Gives you the ability to regulate airflow, temperature and aero efficiency on the fly with a simple slider mechanism. Overbrow Ventilation Regulates temperature by drawing cool air into the intake ports and circulating it through a matrix of air channels pushing out warm air through the exhaust ports Progressive Layering Two-layer liner has less dense EPS foam on interior sections and stiff EPS foam on exterior zones Magnetic Zeiss Eye Shield Integrated eyewear for optimal protection and visibility; removes and stores easily on helmet when not in use X-Static Padding In-Mold Polycarbonate Shell


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