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Buy Profile Design T5+ Carbon Aerobar – 2019 – Review

Profile Design T5+ Carbon Aerobar - 2019 price

Review for Profile Design T5+ Carbon Aerobar – 2019

The ultra shallow 15″ extension bend maintains the high-performance aggressive position of straight extensions with the comfort of a ski-bend.SPECIFICATIONS: J4 Brackets: 6061-T6 Aluminum forged bracket system with patent-pending in-line wedge system for reduced drag and even clamping forces. Extension length and rotation easily adjusted with the turn of just one bolt. F-35a Aluminum Armrests: 3x fore/aft positioning, providing 30mm of adjustment while also allowing for 15 degree (+/- 7.5 degrees) of rotation adjustment to angle armrests for customized fit Ability to increase stack up to 80mm with optional Aerobar Bracket Riser KitSTACK: 60mm-120mmREACH: -75mm, -60mm, -45mm, -20mm, -5mm, 10mmWIDTH: 165mm-320mm (center to center)EXTENSION ADJUSTMENT: 150mm-305mm (C of Basebar-End)CLAMP: Fits 26.0mm and 31.8mm barsCOLOR: Gloss UD Carbon or Matte BlackWEIGHT: 575g


Buy TYR Clear Ear-Drying Aid – 2019 – Review

TYR Clear Ear-Drying Aid - 2019 price

Review for TYR Clear Ear-Drying Aid – 2019

Keep dry with the TYR Clear Ear Drying Aid.Designed to help remove trapped liquid from inside the ear, the LCLEAR is ideal for use after any water activity. Conditioning the delicate lining of the ear canal, this aid works to dry out excess water while relieving the discomfort it can cause. Helps remove trapped water from inside the ear Relieves discomfort Dries out excess water Conditions the delicate lining of the ear canal Ideal for use after all water activities


Buy Hoka One One Women’s Tracer Shoe – 2017 – Review

Hoka One One Women's Tracer Shoe - 2017 price

Review for Hoka One One Women’s Tracer Shoe – 2017

The Tracer is a lightweight training shoe with superb racing potential. The Pro2Lite Dual Density midsole offers cushioning in the heel and responsiveness in the forefoot at any pace. The Rocket Trainer’s ultra-lightweight upper reduces water retention to keep the shoe light no matter the conditions. Lightweight, No-Sew TPU Overlay Construction Lightweight, Form-Fitting Heel Construction Ultrabreathable forefoot Mesh Reduces Water Retention Early Stage Meta-Rocker Pro2Lite +10 Midsole for a Unique Balance of PROpulsion and PROtection Strategic Rubber Placement for Lightweight Durability Weight: 6.3oz.GEOMETRY: Offset: 4mm Heel: 21mm Forefoot: 17mm


Buy 2XU Women’s Compression Sleeved Tri Suit – 2017 – Review

2XU Women's Compression Sleeved Tri Suit - 2017 price

Review for 2XU Women’s Compression Sleeved Tri Suit – 2017

WHEN EVERY SECOND COUNTS AND ONLY THE BEST WILL DO. The difference between winning and losing can be very small coming down to fractions of seconds or the smallest of margins. Our best in class ELITE range of products utilise the latest technology and fabrics to provide you with the winning edge. PWX105D COMPRESSION FABRIC Utilizing 2XU’s proprietary 105D fabric for maximum support for greater endurance and reduced fatigue with less muscle oscillation and improved muscle positioning for improved power on a bike. ICE X TECHNOLOGY Utilizing the worlds most advanced cooling technology. We have yarns with Xylitol for surface fabric cooling, UV reflectors so garment will not absorb the heat from the sun’s rays and nylon cooling yarn for 3 cooling factors in one. MEMORY TECH LD CHAMOIS WITH Y ELASTIC GRIP Multi-layered foam technology gives you the optimal cushioning in the areas you require them most while still being discreet on the run. REAR POCKETS


Buy Orca Men’s Enduro Square Leg Swimsuit – 2017 – Review

Orca Men's Enduro Square Leg Swimsuit - 2017 price

Review for Orca Men’s Enduro Square Leg Swimsuit – 2017

Perfect for the every day pool trainer who likes a more modest cut, our Enduro Mens Square Leg will stand the test of time. Using Cl-Pro Italian PBT fabric these square legs are 100% chlorine resistant, meaning they will stay vibrant and fitting throughout your every day training. Internal mesh-lined body contoured front panels and a low cut elasticated waist with drawstring provide comfort as well as a great fit. 100% CHLORINE RESISTANCE – This Italian-made PBT/Polyester blend Cl-Pro fabric provides 100% chlorine resistance, allowing the square leg to stand up to everyday training in the pool. INTERNAL MESH-LINED PANELS – These body contoured front panels provide comfort and a great fit. SWIMMER SPECIFIC CUT – A low-cut elasticated waist with drawstring provides the fit you need for long hours of training in the pool.


Buy DeSoto Men’s Skin Cooler Bike Jersey – 2017 – Review

DeSoto Men's Skin Cooler Bike Jersey - 2017 price

Review for DeSoto Men’s Skin Cooler Bike Jersey – 2017

In a world where cheap jerseys are a commodity given away at many cycling events, it is hard to justify spending money on one that is not. Once you wear the Skin Cooler Bike Jersey, you will see why ours is worth it.FEATURES: Full-front opening YKK Zipper Skin Cooler Octovent body for ultimate coolness and sun protection (see below) 3 back pockets Sunglass loop (another De Soto invention) Skin Cooler gripper waist elastic hold it in place The zipper lengths for each size: S-23″, M-24″, L-25″, XL-26″, XXL-27″ This environmentally-friendly innovation is completely free of solventsThese two Limited Edition Prints reflect the De Soto Sport styling of clean modernist designs combined with unique colors to create the ultimate sophistication through simplicity. Get yours now before they sell out. When they are gone, they are gone for good.What is Skin Cooler Octovent?Skin Cooler OCTOVENT is identical to Skin Cooler 90 in its cooling and sun protection, but it has no spandex. Instead is has a small waffle knit which allow stretch around the body. When the human body gets hot, it sweats to cool itself. In the past, other brands have tried to help that process by developing fabrics that wick moisture away from the skin and expedite evaporation. For over 10 years now, De Soto has taken this concept a step further by using that moisture to create a cooling effect. YES! WE WANT YOU WET. Skin Cooler works by a series of channels knitted into light fabric. As these channels get wet, they absorb moisture and swell, which dissipates the heat making the fabric against your skin actually cooler. How much cooler depends on factors including airflow, humidity, ambient temperature, and moisture temperature. When you sweat, the garment’s temperature drops and creates an actual cooling sensation. Skin Cooler offers this cooling effect while offering even more sun protection.Even though Skin Cooler Octovent and Skin Cooler 90 block 90% of UVB rays, we always recommend you wear sunscreen underneath these products. It is crucial to keep in mind that a sunscreen’s SPF/UPF rating refers only to its ability to protect skin from UVB radiation. Because we know that UVA damage can be just as insidious, it is essential for the health of your skin that you use a sunscreen that contains the UVA-protecting ingredients of titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, and/or avobenzone.


Buy 2XU Men’s X-Vent Full Zip Tri Suit – 2017 – Review

2XU Men's X-Vent Full Zip Tri Suit - 2017 price

Review for 2XU Men’s X-Vent Full Zip Tri Suit – 2017

GAME ON. When you are looking for that competitive edge, our COMPETE range of products are designed with superior technology advancements combined with our high performance fabrics to take you to the next level. SBR POWER FABRIC WITH SENSOR MESH Utilising 70D Elastane yarns for extra power to help reduce fatigue and hold muscles in place for greater power. Nylon yarns for extra cooling to help you perform longer and stronger in all conditions. ICE X TECHNOLOGY Utilizing the worlds most advanced cooling technology. We have yarns with Xylitol for surface fabric cooling, UV reflectors so garment will not absorb the heat from the sun. We’ve included high filament yarns for quick dry performance that will help you stay cool and comfortable for all race distances. LD CHAMOIS, FLATLOCK STITCHING, 3 REAR POCKETS Get built in comfort that won’t chafe plus storage for fuel.


Buy Louis Garneau Women’s Tri X-Speed III Shoe – 2019 – Review

Louis Garneau Women's Tri X-Speed III Shoe - 2019 price

Review for Louis Garneau Women’s Tri X-Speed III Shoe – 2019

The Tri X-Speed III shoes offer the technology you need to take on the world of triathlon at a price that won’t bust your budget. The reinforced nylon outsole provides excellent rigidity and the shoe’s general ergonomics is the same as with our high-end models. Everything is set to get you through the bike section in total comfort, without pressure points to affect the run that follows. STD FIT: Roomier fit offers more comfort for all-day riding Upper: Synthetic leather with toe protection provides durability and prevents tow collapse Power Zone: Increased arch support and power transfer Closure system: Reversed Velcro for easy adjustment and quick transitions Heel retention: HRS-80 for good heel stability Outsole: Patented injected nylon/fiberglass; extremely ventilated Insole: Breathable, ventilated Transition: Special puller and main strap retention velcro pre-position shoe on the bike and speed transitions Safety: Heel reflector for increased visibility Cleats: Steel inserts fit all major road and SPD pedals


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