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Buy USAT Vol. 4 Triathlon: The Run DVD – Review

USAT Vol. 4 Triathlon: The Run DVD price

Review for USAT Vol. 4 Triathlon: The Run DVD

Olympic and internationally acclaimed run coach Bobby McGee shares insights and philosophies that have propelled him to be one of the world’s leading authorities in the sport. From basic biomechanics of the run to the impact triathlon training has on run form, Bobby ensures that anyone from age-grouper to elite understands what it means to be fast off the bike. Also included is a comprehensive run drill section that puts Bobby’s perspective into practice. These drills, featuring top elites from Team USA, are guaranteed to have an immediate, positive impact on any athlete’s running technique. Featured athletes: Sarah Haskins, Matt Chrabot, Sarah Groff, Mark Fretta, Carrie Vickers Triathlon: The Run is part of the USA Triathlon Training Series


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