Buy Zone3 Transition Backpack – 2019 – Review

Zone3 Transition Backpack - 2019 price

Review for Zone3 Transition Backpack – 2019

The Zone3 Transition Bag has been carefully engineered to fit all your triathlon gear into one stylish and comfortable product, meaning less to worry about come race day! With 3 main sections to accommodate the 3 disciplines, the bag has a wealth of purpose-built features.Holding a capacity of 40 liters, it’s a particularly innovative design makes it much more than just a bag to carry kit in. The bag has been cleverly designed so that each compartment is accessed in a different direction to help maximize space and functionality.Zone3 found that many of the other backpacks on the market were not sturdy enough to stand strong unless the bottom section was being used or if there were no compartments. Zone3 have overcome this problem by tailoring the inner linings between each compartment so they can naturally flow into the compartment below regardless of how full or empty the backpack is.This makes for an extremely versatile and functional backpack. Together with the ergonomically designed back panel design, this is set to be one of the most popular triathlon backpacks on the market. WETSUIT STORAGE With a fully waterproof & flexible inner lining and durable outer fabric, the wetsuit storage area makes the ideal place to store your Zone3 wetsuit when travelling to and from events and training. Made with some of the most advanced waterproof fabrics around, the inner lining not only makes sure the rest of the bag stays dry, but also folds flat when not in use to further expand the main compartment. The outside of the compartment features a tough and durable material designed to withstand everyday wear and tear and all-weather conditions. MAIN COMPARTMENT A large main compartment in the center of the bag caters for all your tri clothing, casual wear, shoe & accessory needs. The compartment opens outwards to feature multiple contrast-lined interior pockets for easy access to accessories, as well as a fully waterproof removable pouch to separate any wet or dirty items you may have. The compartment has also been designed to utilize the lower wetsuit space when not in use, allowing for further expansion and storage. On the exterior of the bag there are two large mesh bottle holders, perfect for sports bottles of any size to keep you hydrated throughout your training & racing. CYCLE POCKET A zipped cycle pocket at the top of the bag is the ideal storage place for your cycle helmet and shoes, keeping them safe and easily accessible at all times. The premium mesh inner lining also ensures your kit stays in pristine condition, whilst the built-in phone pouch gives you hands free access to your music throughout your travels. The rear of the bag features ultra-comfortable padded & adjustable shoulder straps as well as a padded back panel to ensure maximum comfort whether you are travelling 5 miles or 5000. Padded back panel using 3cm thick foam with breathable mesh material casing for comfort and cooling. Padded shoulder straps Chest straps for tighter fit when needed on the move Option to strap helmet on to shoulder straps plastic D-rings during transport. Durable carrying handle. Strong zips with Zone3 branded silicone zip pullers. Zone3 printed and embroidered logos. Height 53cm, width 22 cm and length 34.5cm.


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