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Buy 2XU Women’s R:1 Race Wetsuit – Review

2XU Women's R:1 Race Wetsuit price

Review for 2XU Women’s R:1 Race Wetsuit

Utilizing 2XU’s new Silicone X Skin (SXS) coating plus world class Yamamoto neoprene across the entire suit, the new R:1 also features 3D print Catch Panels and 2XU’s proprietary Rollbar, Floating Zip Panels and Velocity Strakes. Engineered from world class materials, the R:1 also comes with 1.5mm Underarm/Shoulder Panelling for maximum flexibility and a 4.5mm Front Buoyancy Panel. With a two year warranty and the price point of a mid-level suit, the R:1 represents exceptional value. 2 Year Warranty Floating Zip Panel: Extra Distance Per Stroke SXS Coating: Hydrodynamic Silicone X-Skin Coating 39 Cell Front Buoyancy Panel: Max Buoyancy Rollbar: Improved Core Buoyancy + Body Position Velocity Strakes; Hydrodynamic Stability 16 Sizes: A Specialized, Comfortable Fit SCS Coating: Hydrodynamic Silicone Coating 520% Stretch Lining: Enhanced Lateral Flexibility Seamless Shoulder: Arm Panel, Enhanced Flexibility


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