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Buy Orca Women’s Alpha Wetsuit – 2019 – Review

Orca Women's Alpha Wetsuit - 2019 price

Review for Orca Women’s Alpha Wetsuit – 2019

The combination of innovative technologies, such as Yamamoto 0.88 neoprene on the arms and Yamamoto 44 on the shoulders, make the new Alpha the most elastic wetsuit on the market. It addition, its new FT1 technology on the knee panel offers unprecedented freedom of movement: with the new Alpha, you’ll fly through your longest transitions. As a novel feature, this wetsuit includes a new reverse zip system that is shorter, does not limit your arm stroke and offers unprecedented flexibility. The perfect weapon for Natural Swimmers, those who come from a swimming background and who innately have a correct swimming technique, free of any serious flaws. Concentrate on what really matters: swimming without limits.0.88 Free 0.88 Free technology has been developed together with Yamamoto, exclusively for Orca, with the aim of producing the most elastic material available today. The thinnest wetsuit on the market, only 0.5 mm thick, it combines the best lining with a layer of titanium to provide better thermal insulation.Yamamoto 44 This material, exclusively from Orca, is Yamamoto’s most elastic version of wetsuits, with a thickness of 1.5 mm. The use of this flexible element makes it possible to use a shorter zip than is found on the rest of the wetsuits in the market.Speed The wetsuit’s SCS treatment reduces friction while you swim and the HydroLite panels on the legs, along with FT1 technology, let you run with greater freedom. Transitions have never been so fast.Shorter Zipper System The new reverse zip prevents the zip from opening during the race. In addition, since the zip is shorter and smaller, it is less restrictive. Yamamoto neoprene Nano SCS coating 0.88 Free – The construction of five layers of neoprene, combined with a warm reflective titanium skin, is the secret to achieving the great thermal insulation of this lightweight material. The thinnest wetsuit on the market at only .5mm thick, it combines the best lining with a layer of titanium to provide better thermal insulation. This revolutionary material is used on the arms and back to provide a wider range for your arm stroke. A high-tech step forward. HydroLite – The HydroLite panels help the wetsuit come off easier, for faster transitions. This technology, combined with the SCS coating, helps the water slide off your wetsuit, without impregnating it, considerably improving your hydrodynamics. Infinity Skin – The inner Infinity Skin lining provides the feeling of absolute freedom. Designed based on a high-elasticity nylon that incorporates bamboo fibers, this technology is applied to the lining of Orca’s wetsuits to offer you greater flexibility with each stroke. This cloth maintains body heat longer, reduces body odor and the appearance of bacteria in your wetsuit. It is also made from natural eco-friendly materials to prevent the appearance of skin irritation and care for the environment. FT1 – This new technology, exclusively from Orca, consists of ribbed neoprene. It’s used for the lower joints to achieve maximum elasticity during the race. Your transitions have never been so fast.


Buy Zoot Women’s Kiawe 2.0 Tri Race Shoe – 2015 – Review

Zoot Women's Kiawe 2.0 Tri Race Shoe - 2015 price

Review for Zoot Women’s Kiawe 2.0 Tri Race Shoe – 2015

BareFit internal liner creates a sock-like fit Lock your foot in place with your choice of regular or triathlon stretch laces (comes with both) Z-Bound insole for added internal comfort and durability ZVA provides dynamic shock absorption CarbonSpan+ gives the mid-foot support and a dynamic toe off ZCR, ZPU and Constant ground contact make for a smooth durable ride with plenty of traction throughout the stride Tri Dry limits water retention and keeps your shoes feeling light and feeling fast


Buy TYR Women’s Competitor Loose Tri Singlet with Bra – 2015 – Review

TYR Women's Competitor Loose Tri Singlet with Bra - 2015 price

Review for TYR Women’s Competitor Loose Tri Singlet with Bra – 2015

Designed with the female triathlete in mind, the Women’s Competitor Loose Singlet With Bra ensures everything from fit and support to comfort and performance. Advanced Competitor Woven fabric provides moisture wicking technologies that help keep you light and dry from the start to the finish line. Meanwhile, competitor mesh makes this tri top soft, breathable and flexible.The SCFLP6A is semi-fitted for a slim, no-excess-material athletic cut that provides maximum mobility. Engineered with graduated compression, this women’s triathlon top provides ideal fit, circulation and muscle performance on race day.The TYR tri top features a built-in bra for convenient, secure support. Additional features include a 10″ locking zipper for quick on/quick off use, back pocket for small storage and UPF 50+ capabilities for maximum sun protection. Semi Fitted Graduated compression for fit, circulation and muscle performance Pocket storage 10″ Locking zipper Loose Fit Built in Bra UPF 50+


Buy 2XU Women’s X:3 Project X Wetsuit – 2015 – Review

2XU Women's X:3 Project X Wetsuit - 2015 price

Review for 2XU Women’s X:3 Project X Wetsuit – 2015

Nano SCS Coating – Extra Buoyancy Front Panel with Seamless Buoyancy Inserts – Improved Buoyancy SCS Coating – Hydrodynamic Silicone Coating Intermediate Zone Stretch (IZS) Panels – Fluid Movement Velocity Strakes – Hydrodynamic Stability Concave Water Entrapment Zone – Xtreme Ultra Enhanced Distance Per Stroke Cell Front Buoyancy Panel – Max Buoyancy Lower Leg Propulsion Panel – Increased Kick Power Seamless Shoulder + Arm Panel – Enhanced Flexibility Transition Panel – Seam Overlap Technology Upper Arm Catch Panel 520% Stretch Lining – Enhanced Lateral Flexibility Floating Zip Panel – Extra Distance Per Stroke Rollbar – Improved Core Buoyancy + Body Position 16 sizes – A specialized, comfortable fit 2 Year Warranty


Buy Pearl Izumi Men’s Elite Thermal Arm Warmer – 2018 – Review

Pearl Izumi Men's Elite Thermal Arm Warmer - 2018 price

Review for Pearl Izumi Men’s Elite Thermal Arm Warmer – 2018

Our best-selling arm warmers combine the exceptional warmth and comfort of Thermal Fleece fabric with advanced anatomic shaping. A wide, plush gripper holds them in place with less pressure, so they stay comfortable and secure on long rides. ELITE Thermal Fleece panels provides superior warmth, stretch and recovery Anatomic left and right arm specific fit Plush Wide elastic binding with silicone gripper for stay-up fit Reflective elements for low-light visibility


Buy TYR Mens Splice Tri Singlet – Review

TYR Mens Splice Tri Singlet price

Review for TYR Mens Splice Tri Singlet

Body Mapping Technology Compressive Fabric in the Torso Lighter weight white cooling fabric on the back for temperature regulation 12″ front locking coil zipper w/rubber grip pull 3 rear storage pockets 4 way stretch flat-lock seams Mesh-tech panels for temperature regulation


Buy Craft Men’s Pro Zero Extreme Long Underpant – 2016 – Review

Craft Men's Pro Zero Extreme Long Underpant - 2016 price

Review for Craft Men’s Pro Zero Extreme Long Underpant – 2016

Keeps your body dry and comfortable during exercise in cool to cold conditions. The core of our elite layering system, Pro Zero fabric adheres to your body like a second skin. Featuring internal air channel construction, warm body heat is allowed to escape before it turns into sweat, keeping you drier longer.Textured filament yarns stay in contact with your skin and transport any moisture that is produced to the outer layer of the garment, where it is quickly vaporized. Pro Zeros signature fit is achieved through a circular knitting process that allows for most garments to have seamless torsos and a high stretch, nonrestrictive fit.


Buy 110% Unisex Compression Juggler Knicker 2.0 + Ice Recovery – 2019 – Review

110% Unisex Compression Juggler Knicker 2.0 + Ice Recovery - 2019 price

Review for 110% Unisex Compression Juggler Knicker 2.0 + Ice Recovery – 2019

Ice Recovery Compression 3/4 pant. The Juggler Knickers are designed for maximum comfort, performance and recovery.WHAT MAKES THESE KNICKERS DIFFERENT?Targeting the hips, glutes, lumbar, ITBand, quadriceps, hamstrings, knees, the Juggler Knickers are designed for maximum comfort, performance and recovery. With strategically placed icing pockets the Juggler Knickers transition from high performance compression gear to an active recovery system in one simple step. The most commonly prescribed protocol for our patients with leg injuries and post-operative pain and swelling is RICE: Rest, Ice, Compress and Elevate.THE BENEFITS OF COMPRESSION?BEFORE: Improved circulation, prepares muscles. DURING: Muscle stabilization, reduces fatigue AFTER: Increased circulation, speeds recoveryTECHNICAL DETAILS 15- 20 mmhg of Compression Antimicrobial SilverTech Fabric Superior moisture wicking 360° 4-Way stretch 75% polypropylene/25% spandex Minimal seam construction Available in unisex sizes 1-6 (measure your waist just over belly button)CLINICAL APPLICATION Glute Pain ITBand Syndrome Strained/Pulled Hamstring or Quadriceps Meniscus Tear Tendonitis/Bursitis Cartilage Damage Post-operative painINCLUDED One pair of Juggler Knicker 4 reusable ICE/HEAT gel packs


Buy Ryders Nelson Sunglasses – 2019 – Review

Ryders Nelson Sunglasses - 2019 price

Review for Ryders Nelson Sunglasses – 2019

Inspired by a RYDERS classic, the Nelson is a taller and higher-tech version of the ever-popular Hillroy. Despite its handsome looks, it’s not all about style. Thanks to its big lenses along with its hydrophilic nose pads and temple tips, when it comes to performance it can stand toe-to-toe with much sportier-looking eyewear.PREMIUM COATINGS AND FINELY TUNED TINTS ARE JUST OUR STARTING POINT. Impact resistant and optically correct, these lenses provide 100% protection from UVA, UVB and UVC rays as well as harmful, high energy light to 400nm. As if that’s not enough, they also have premium hydrophobic and scratch-resistant coatings. This is the standard from which we build all of our more technical lenses, so every Ryders lens has the same technology at its core and the highest standard of quality.100% UV400 PROTECTION All of our lenses block 100% of UVA, UVB, and UVC rays and harmful, high energy light to 400nm. These rays are a leading cause of cataracts, skin cancer and wrinkles around the eyes-all great reasons to block them out.HYDROPHOBIC + OLEOPHOBIC COATING An altogether misleading name, this coating isn’t nearly as scared of water as water is of the coating. In fact, water runs away at first contact, leaving clear lines of sight that are free from droplets and water marks. The Oleophobic characteristics repel dirt and grease, making the lenses very easy to clean.IMPACT RESISTANT All of our lenses are impact resistant, meaning they resist breaking up into dangerous little shards when impacted. If astronauts trust this material to keep their heads from exploding while on a 17,000 mph space walk, you’ll have nothing to worry about on your adventures, no matter how fast you’re going.OPTICALLY CORRECT All of our lenses are made by injecting molten polycarbonate into a mold that is specially formed to eliminate distortion. This process makes the lenses optically correct (also referred to as decentred), increasing long-term comfort and minimizing eye fatigue.SCRATCH-RESISTANT COATING We apply a scratch-resistant coating to all of our lenses. Though this process makes the surface of the lens considerably harder than the base lens material, it’s impossible to make the lenses completely scratch proof (short of making them from diamonds) so please care for them properly as they may still scratch under certain conditionsGRILAMID TR90 A Swiss technology, this incredible thermoplastic is the material used in all of our sunglasses (with the exception of our metal frames). Its extreme flexibility, durability and light weight make it the perfect material for performance eyewear.HYDROPHILIC NOSE PADS + TEMPLE TIPS Hydrophilic [anti-slip] nose pads are an important feature to look for in performance eyewear. Hydrophilic temple tips give that extra little bit of grip that can come in handy in many situations. The material we use to make these features is so effective that it actually grips better when it’s wet – exactly when it’s needed.


Buy Zipp Water Bottle – 2019 – Review

Zipp Water Bottle - 2019 price

Review for Zipp Water Bottle – 2019

What sets these Zipp Water Bottles apart is they have been integrated with the Purist bottle technology. This Purist technology shields the bottle from taste, smell and staining. Nothing sticks, so your bottle stays clean and your water tastes pure. This Purist infusion is added after the bottle has been molded and is chemically bonded to the bottle wall. The barrier is an extremely thin 20 nanometers-over 5,000 times thinner than a human hair. By infusing the silicon dioxide, no compromise is made to the structure, and the bottle remains totally flexible for easier drinking. It will not delaminate or fall off, even when the bottle is flexed over and over.The checkered flag motif on Zipp bottles is a reminder that you’re here to win and we’re here to help. Stay hydrated 26, 24, or 21oz. at a time when you’re rolling on the world’s finest wheels.


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