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Buy SaltStick Electrolyte Capsules – Review

SaltStick Electrolyte Capsules price

Review for SaltStick Electrolyte Capsules

100 Capsules per bottleSaltStick Caps are crucial to minimize muscle cramping, heat stress and fatigue due to unbalanced electrolyte blood levels. The ONLY electrolyte capsule that was formulated to closely resemble salt profile lost during activity Buffered salt composition that helps digestion and absorption Vegetable-based capsule composition Bio-available active ingredients Contains only WHAT YOU NEED. No: herbal, trace, questionable components added Only 1 capsule per serving Patent Pending composition is unique in the marketplace Designed by a Ph.D. chemist and pro triathlete Saltstick caps also include vitamin D that helps the body absorb and utilize calcium (no other electrolyte products has this)


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