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Buy ISM Touring Saddle – 2019 – Review

ISM Touring Saddle - 2019 price

Review for ISM Touring Saddle – 2019

Our original saddle. Inspired by the morning routine. The Touring remains a popular saddle for uprights and a popular choice for the Men in Blue. Several police departments around the country use the ISM Touring saddle. After all, these folks are spending an average of 25 hours a week in the saddle. It better be comfy! Slightly wider than the Sport model and uses foam padding and stainless steel rails.Key Features: Wide base for maximum stability and rider comfort Sloped front design allows for easy mounting and dismounting 60-series foam paddingCommonly Used For: Hybrid bikes Police bikes City / Commuter bikesTech Specs:Length: 175mmWidth: 195mmPadding: 60-series FoamRails: Satin Steel


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