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Buy DeSoto Women’s Carrera Full Tri Top – Review

DeSoto Women's Carrera Full Tri Top price

Review for DeSoto Women’s Carrera Full Tri Top

This full-length top covers the mid-section and extends down to the hips with three deep pockets on the lower back panels. Made of breathable Carrera Skin body, Skin Cooler Stretch, and Microlock stitching provide coverage while keeping you cool. This item is not designed for repeated use as a swim suit in a chlorinated pool The new lycra finish around the neck and armholes provide maximum support, comfort and style. Swim, bike and run in style and comfort without changing The built-in bra suspended from the shoulders is made of Carrera Skin, the same fabric from which the entire garment is made This is a great option if you want something cute, slightly more conservative, more supportive, and not as snug


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