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Buy Ryders Crankum Sunglasses with Velo-Polarized Lens – 2017 – Review

Ryders Crankum Sunglasses with Velo-Polarized Lens - 2017 price

Review for Ryders Crankum Sunglasses with Velo-Polarized Lens – 2017

The Crankum is fully adjustable so the nose pads and temple tips can be tuned for a perfect fit. The semi-rim, broken frame design optimizes airflow and reduces weight.Medium-Large Fit: Frame Width: 135mm HYDROPHILIC, ADJUSTABLE NOSE PADS + TEMPLE TIPS ANTI-FOG LENS POLARIZED LENSES – ELIMINATE REFLECTED GLARE – When sunlight hits a surface, it’s condensed into a highly aggravating, blinding beam that makes you angry. Our Polarized lenses allow you to see through this glare, drastically enhancing definition and eliminating the ambient haze of reflected light. 100% protection from UVA, UVB, UVC + harmful, high-energy light to 400nmINJECTED VELO-POLAR LENSESThe benefits of Polarized, antiFOG lenses, fine-tuned for road cyclists. Why do so many cyclists insist that polarized lenses aren’t for them? Three reasons: normal polarized lenses can hide slippery surfaces, they can black out the LCD screens on cycling computers, and they can produce undesirable optical anomalies that alter depth perception on features like sewer covers, windshields, and road patches. The veloPOLAR lens is fine-tuned to give road cyclists the benefi ts of a polarized lens without the compromises, allowing it to filter out the blinding part of the glare without hiding a slippery surface or blacking out an LCD screen. It even minimizes optical anomalies and utilizes our antiFOG and hydrophobic coatings so the lens remains as clear as possible for your entire ride. It’s the ultimate in clarity, definition, and fog resistance, and it’s the fi rst lens of its kind specifically developed for road cyclists.GRILAMID TR90 FRAMESGrilamid TR90 is without question the best frame material for sports eyewear. It’s highly flexible, ultra-durable and extremely lightweight, making our frames very accommodating, comfortable, safe, and long-lasting. The flexibility of our TR90 frames is a big reason why they’re so comfortable, durable, and safe-ideal for almost any athletic endeavor.


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