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Buy DeSoto Women’s Forza Riviera Trisuit – 2015 – Review

DeSoto Women's Forza Riviera Trisuit - 2015 price

Review for DeSoto Women’s Forza Riviera Trisuit – 2015

Completely re-designed based on your feedback. New demanded features include: front zipper, no internal bra because after all, we all have our favorite bra anyway (but we suggest our Forza Support Bra), longer inseam with full compression to keep those hamstring and quads fresh and thicker Floatpad, which provides a little more comfort for those longer races, but doesn’t bulk up or cause unwanted heaviness. This piece is completely compression and made entirely of our finest Forza fabric.Three pockets – one on the back and one on each back leg for all of your fuel needs!Inseam lengths: XS-9.5″, S-10″, M-10.5″, L-11″Inseam lengths: XS-24 cm, S-25 cm, M-27 cm, L-28 cm


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